52 Weeks of Home Project – How to Get from Here to There (Week 13)

Last week might have been my favorite so far – the Blue Hour / Twilight pictures that people shared were amazing! But I’m equally excited about this week’s theme. The things that inspired me to start this photography project (besides wanting to play with my new camera), was becoming disillusioned with our house that I love so much. And really, the bathroom project. It was (is) taking so long, and I just got into this funk of depression. “WHEN is this going to be done?” “I’m so sick of the dust!” “Why does everything take forever?”

And the worst, “This isn’t fun anymore.”

Projects always have their hiccups, and the struggles to get through. But when the work isn’t fun, it gets so, SO hard. And I hated that. And I just wanted to find ways to fall in love the house again. Reading for an hour in a room that’s finished. Looking at my before and after books of the kitchen. Reading magazines and getting inspired about the next spaces. And the photography project helps me to see the house in a different light. To remember the details I love. To get excited about everything, despite the setbacks.

And, the staircase. It’s the reason we bought the house. Doug knew we were buying it the moment he heard me gasp as I looked in the window, waiting for the realtor to show up.

Week 13 : Staircases Or How to Get There

Show Us the Paths that Connect Your Spaces

I had the thought of doing a week to honor stairwells, but I also know that so many people live in just one story. So, if you don’t have a stairwell, show us a hallway, or something that connects one space to another.

This was the view when I looked in the foreclosed window that first day. Nothing at all has changed (with the stairwell, anyway)!

And depending on the time of day, the sunlight changes the color of the wood.

The wallpaper border and the golden faux finish will eventually depart.

The scratches and nicks and mars only make it more beautiful to me.

Looking down. I am forever grateful that when this open area was a floored off room when it was apartments, that only the top third of the stairwell was sawed off. The entire thing could have been removed. 

Everything about this can be improved upon.

But wait! There are three more stairwells, though the others aren’t nearly gasp-worthy. This is the entrance to the Third Floor, inside the Balcony Bedroom. Go straight, and there’s a bath. Turn right, and there’s a stairwell.


The entrance. 

This might be the definition of “Serviceable.” It’s pretty steep, too. I want to eventually have fun with this stairwell, and maybe do wallpaper or tile or something fun on the risers.

And yes, we’ll replace the “Foreclosure-Chic” hand rail.

Underneath the third floor stairwell, is the back stairs, which go from the second floor into the Butler’s Pantry. So, definitely a narrow servant stair. The dark spot on the treads looks like there was carpet there at one time.

At the bottom of the stairs is this not-original-but-still-fun wallpaper, and a super cool sconce that we love. It’s very Olympic Torch-esque.

Underneath THIS stairwell, is the stairwell to the basement. So, three stairwells stacked on top of each other. The entrance to the basement stairs is also in the Butler’s Pantry, around the opposite side of the wall for the Servant Stair entrance.

SUPER glamorous. Right?


I am, however, completely convinced, since we spend an enormous amount of time on the Third Floor, that the stairs in this house are going to keep us healthy for years to come.

Photo Challenge Info: 

If you want to play along and share your pictures (I’d LOVE to see them!), use the hashtag  #52weeksofhome 

You can also tell us which week you’re on, by including a second hashtag #52weeksofhomeweek13 (etc.)

Please share with anyone you think might be interested! If you missed the first weeks, WHATEVER! Do them anyway! Jump in whenever and wherever you want.

Here’s the list (also in pdf format : 52 Weeks of Home), of all the challenges for each week : 


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