52 Weeks of Home Project – Wildcard Week! (Week 15)

It’s wildcard week! There are a few sprinkled about the photography project, because I’m CERTAIN there are incredible and amazing things about people’s houses that don’t fit into any of the other categories. So this week will be so different, and I can’t wait to see what people post.

Week 15 : Wildcard!

Choose Your Own Adventure and Post Whatever House Pictures You’d Like!

Maybe it was because it finally started to feel like spring this week, but I thought I’d post the balcony this week. I LOVE that we have a balcony off a bedroom on the second floor. Sadly, it doesn’t get as much use as I’d like because 1) the door to the balcony sticks, and Doug is the only one who knows the magic touch to open it (it’s on the “to fix” list) and 2) I have awful seasonal allergies, and being outside for long stretches is hard. But I do like getting out here when I can, and once the door is fixed, I bet I’ll take better advantage of it.

The balcony was completely restored and rebuilt when the exterior was restored 5 years ago. It had a LOT of water damage.


It is TINY. It barely has enough room for two chairs, but it is long.

The spindles are the same as the front step railings, and they are painted identically. The posts are the same as the porch, but they are painted a little simpler, with only two colors instead of four.

It’s a cute view of other houses in town!

I really like that you can see the details under the eaves really well from here.

It’s just adorable. 

I love the architecture of the roofline with the balcony and tower right next to each other. It doesn’t hurt that the clouds were super awesome for these pictures, too!

View from the balcony

It really was one of my favorite features when we bought the house, and I feel like I’ve rediscovered it a bit, which makes me happy!

Photo Challenge Info: 

If you want to play along and share your pictures (I’d LOVE to see them!), use the hashtag  #52weeksofhome 

You can also tell us which week you’re on, by including a second hashtag #52weeksofhomeweek15 (etc.)

Please share with anyone you think might be interested! If you missed the first weeks, WHATEVER! Do them anyway! Jump in whenever and wherever you want.

Here’s the list (also in pdf format : 52 Weeks of Home), of all the challenges for each week : 

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