52 Weeks of Home Project : Week 21! Where You Create

The Apothecary Cabinet is SO CLOSE to being finished, which means the bathroom is almost complete. I am so excited! So this weeks post, and the beginning of a (hopefully) productive summer break make this week’s theme even more poignant – and I didn’t plan it to coincide with the start of break at all!

Week 21 : Where You Create!

Where do you plan / work / do your creative work?

I have one room feature for this, but there really is a lot of places where I do work. In the summer, the dining room is cool, and I can spread out. The room that will eventually be my studio is a great place. Sometimes I curl up on the porch with a notebook and brainstorm. But the main place, is the little office I’ve carved out in the third floor.

There’s no cooling up here, so in the summer, it’s not practical at all. And it’s meant to be temporary, yet it’s been here for 5 years, and probably will be for several more. I’ve tried to make it colorful and vibrant, which inspires me, but there’s not a lot of room to spread out.

There’s a little nook from the top of the turret that has lovely stained glass….

My sewing machine in here, which I wish I knew how to use better, but I can make basic drapes and pillows!

My desk is a piece of plywood, painted, on top of file cabinets. Basic, functional.

Pops of color, including a great piece my friend Jenn made (top left).

And like any good teacher, ALL the colorful office supplies!

My antique conductor’s hat, an homage to my dad, who likes to tell people that my Masters Degree in Conducting is for “driving trains.”

It also holds much of my clothing, since we’re still home-based out of the third floor bath with it’s many closets that don’t exist elsewhere.

It’s practical, colorful, and “temporary.” I cannot WAIT to build the studio in my mind on the second floor. It’s going to be awesome.

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Please share with anyone you think might be interested! If you missed the first weeks, WHATEVER! Do them anyway! Jump in whenever and wherever you want.

Here’s the list (also in pdf format : 52 Weeks of Home), of all the challenges for each week :





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