52 Weeks of Home : Week 24 : Greenery and Landscape

I like musicals. And though I’m generally not a huge Andrew Lloyd Weber fan, I do love “Evita.” And one lyric from that show has been running through my head today: “The day you knew would arrive is here. You’ll survive.”

Week 24 : Landscape & Greenery!

Plants, trees, shrubs, landscape, house plants….. 

I have said for years, if I could just tile my yard, Life would be great. I am NOT a yard person. I don’t know how to landscape, Doug is allergic to everything that comes out of the ground, the sun triggers my migraines, I am allergic to weeds, and generally, I’m not strong enough to pull things out of the ground, anyway.

Seriously. It’s bad.

And the thing with yards, is that they keep growing. The bathroom? It’s done. I don’t have to keep re-tiling every few weeks. I understand and get the people that love to take care of growing things outdoors. That is not me. And I always feel embarrassed when we can’t keep up. And we can never keep up.

For a brief moment, I thought about just sharing pictures of all the wallpaper still remaining in the house.

Our friend Veronica is much better at the outdoors than we are. She and her mother came up with a plan, and in the first year that we owned the house, we spent a day making the house pretty.

Edgar and Doug. MAN, I do not miss that porch.

For like a month, it was lovely.

It’s so bad. I hate it.


Things just keep growing…..

There are two pretty flowers on the side of the house. That’s it.

I wish we had the skill for the outside, or the money to hire someone. Sometimes I feel like sending my neighbors an apology card. “Sorry about the summer. It’ll look awesome at Christmas.”

Sigh. But, at least I know it’s a weakness. And, at least I can be artsy with the trees and have some pictures that are fun!


Someday. We’ll figure it out.

Photo Challenge Info: 

If you want to play along and share your pictures (I’d LOVE to see them!), use the hashtag  #52weeksofhome 

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Please share with anyone you think might be interested! If you missed the first weeks, WHATEVER! Do them anyway! Jump in whenever and wherever you want.

Here’s the list (also in pdf format : 52 Weeks of Home), of all the challenges for each week :





  1. I wish I lived closer, I could do your landscape and you could help me decorate a room!!! hahaha

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