New Year! 2022

Last Year was Bonkers. It was a crazy year!

Accomplishments :

Library : Semi-Complete 

We got the first phase of the Library done in time for TV!

Moment in the Spotlight on “Cheap Old Houses” and HGTV

Reality home shows get a (mostly rightfully) bad rap. But this one is special, because it honors the homes and the details and doesn’t want to murder them and paint them grey. We loved this experience so much!

Library : ACTUALLY Complete

Finishing this room – the fireplace, the ceiling, the bar – it’s amazing. We still have ONE cool project to go, and that hopefully will be done in the next few weeks!

Fretwork! Glorious Fretwork.

It’s just so good.

Married. Twenty Years.

Look at those babies!

So many time this year I felt like things went too slow for me, and I wanted to work on the house more. I have a hard time with taking breaks, but I know they are needed. It’s just SO not in my nature!

Doug hates when I make house goals (because, let’s face it, we are so slow and never meet them). But I cannot breathe without lists, so here’s my list of hopes for 2022!

The BIG “It’s FINALLY TIME” Project : My Studio. 

Finally, we’re going to work on this space that I’ve been dying to have for YEARS. My own little productive and inspirational oasis where I can sew ALL THE DRAPES and work on all the dreams. I am so ready.

The “Not Fun But Necessary Project” : The Front Steps.

We need to fix them from the rot they’ve endured over the past several years due to insects and water.

The “I Miss This” Project : Lighting

I want to restore lighting again. We have only done a couple of pieces in the last two years, and I want to fix that!

The “Mini-Makeover” Project : The Balcony Bedroom

I have a few really simple tweaks for this room to make it more finished. We Shall See!

The “There’s Probably Not Time, But I’m Adding it to the List” Project : The Entrance Hall

It just needs wallpaper and drapes and a couple furniture pieces. We can knock that out. Right?

Okay, 2022. Let’s see what we can do!




  1. I am so pleased with myself for recently spotting your library fireplace in an ad for Clay Squared To Infinity on page 56 of the Feb 2022 issue of Old House Journal. That’s so cool! Please tell me I am correct.

  2. I found your blog on “the Cross House”… and spent several evenings reading from beginning to end. I am amazed at the progress you have made while working two full jobs! and keep checking back to see the progress on the studio as I thought the steps will have to wait until nicer weather?? I hope you two are well and able to small steps to get in and be organized! My house has fretwork too, without it the rooms seem much more modern and “open concept” (we had to get it repaired).

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