This is a blog about our adventures in Renovation and Historic Preservation. My husband Doug and I are on a crazy, fun and creative journey. Though he is a leading character in this story, he’s letting me tell it, because I’m the exuberant one. He’s the quiet strength.

We love old houses, and historic preservation, and making things beautiful – especially things that someone gave up on. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at this whole renovation and design thing. Doug is WONDERFUL at making things work, making things safe, and making my ideas come to life. We hope it lasts the test of time – but then again, we’ve said “What were they THINKING?” so many times about the things we have discovered in our houses, so I am pretty sure we’ll do some awful things that someone will hate in 20 years, as well. (I’m mostly OK with that). We want to make our house grand again – I want to fill the house with dinner parties and people and love.

I’m not afraid to tackle any project, but sometimes I need to ask for help opening a jar. I’m strong willed, but not strong muscled.

He’s practical, strong, and patient. He researches the millions of ways something can go wrong so he can fix them before they happen.

I hate landscaping, and wish I had a gardener. But give me an awkward bathroom layout and I’ll be in heaven for days re-designing it.

Amy and Doug
Amy and Doug

I am a conductor. And a teacher to the best students in the planet. I love anything by Sondheim, and I have a list of characters I want to sing someday when I have time to do theatre again. Which will be never (but luckily, the kitchen has great acoustics, and there is no better stage). I have degrees from The University of Akron, and Butler University.

He is a Software Engineer, a proud alum of Purdue University, a fine trombone player, and a runner of way too many marathons to count (9? 10? I have no idea). Add the half marathons in, and I have to count too high.

Doug and I started by falling in love with old houses, and not wanting to pay for things we thought we could do ourselves – I mean, if we failed, we could always call someone. I am the imagination, the drive, and the vision. He is the practicality, the sense, and the knowledge. It’s a great team.

It’s so nice to meet you. Welcome to our home.

You can contact me on the blog, or at 1902victorian@gmail.com


  1. i need to add a bathroom to the downstairs of my victorian home. I dont know where to put it. Only really need a toilet and sink. Would a closet be too small? As i really really would hate to sacrifice a room for a bathroom. Cant afford to add on, and, plus. it would look awful. Thanks!

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