Flashback Friday : A Dresser to a Vanity

In the old bathroom at Jackson Street, we very much wanted to turn a dresser into a vanity. It makes sense, since original sinks were just bowls and pitches that sat on top of dressers and desks.

Master Bath Album 3024

So, we kept our eyes out for a while, and eventually landed on a great dresser. My $02 if you try this project : a standard bathroom vanity is 30″ tall, so look for something that height, or honestly a few inches taller works well, especially if YOU are taller. If you choose to add a countertop, stone, or a vessel sink, keep that in mind as well! And check to make sure it’s not a valuable antique before you chop holes in it. I loved our choice primarily because it had both the lighter wood of the floors for the rest of the house, and the darker wood of the new floor for the bathroom.

First, we took out the drawers, and cut a hole for the sink and faucet. We decided to keep the wood top, which is fine if you seal it well with a lot of poly, or even better, marine varnish.

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Then, we gathered all the parts we needed, and kept them within reach.

Master Bath Album 204

The faucet and connections went in next. Do this before adding the sink, so you have plenty of room to work from!

Master Bath Album 205 Master Bath Album 206 Master Bath Album 209

The connections had to go through the the bottom of the cabinet. We re-built the drawers to allow for the plumbing, but to also keep the massive amounts of storage that the cabinet provided. Doug did a phenomenal job with that!

Master Bath Album 3001 Master Bath Album 3002 Master Bath Album 3003 Master Bath Album 3004

The sink is a hand-hammered, copper gem. Doug and I always do the traditional anniversary gifts (which can be totally silly, or great) and we were working on this project around our 7th Anniversary, which is Copper. The sink was our present to ourselves. (Don’t worry, we kept the vanity when we moved out! We plan on putting it somewhere in Martin Place).

Master Bath Album 210 Master Bath Album 212 Master Bath Album 3010

Once the sink was in, it was time to check to see if the water worked, and if we had any leaks. Hooray for everything working as it should!

Master Bath Album 3011 Master Bath Album 3017 Master Bath Album 3019 Master Bath Album 3020

Done and in! Marina was clearly in the room. Watch out for puppy tails!

Master Bath Album 3022

I wish I had a better shot of the drawer re-configure, but I don’t. But you can see the idea of how building in some channels worked, and how we have a ton of storage in the cabinet.

Master Bath Album 3027

This really is a great project, and added a ton of character to the space. It really is an eye-catching piece, and not too challenging if you grasp plumbing.

Final Master Bath 010 Final Master Bath 035 Final Master Bath 011

If you want to check out how to do this from someone who is not us, here is a link to DIY.

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    1. The mirror is part of the dresser, it connects at the bottom of the mirror. It’s a little low, but it works for me! My husband has to stoop a bit! Thanks for sending your page along!

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