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Apparently, I have expensive tastes when it comes to door hardware. I wanted to get something different than the kitchen for the laundry room hardware, but everything I found that I LOVED was super expensive, and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Finally, I just decided to stick with the same hardware as the kitchen. I loved it already, and I had enough bin pulls left over from the kitchen remodel. All I needed to buy were knobs. The only issue is that the knobs were nickel, and I needed oil-rubbed bronze to match the faucet for the laundry room sink. So, I painted them. I covered them in tape first (which was actually a bad idea – I did better with them if I was free-handing them). Generally, painting knobs with craft paint probably isn’t the best idea. Not very durable. But, I’ve rationalized that since your hands won’t TOUCH the faux-finished part, it shouldn’t wear away too fast. If I turn out to be wrong I’ll figure out a way to fix it.

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And I painted the outside with black first, then used the copper / bronze paint over top.

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Instant oil-rubbed bronze! It was the completely right decision.

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We opted to moved the sink cabinet about six inches out from the wall, because we wanted to keep it a bit more flush with the washer. But, to do that, we needed to find a way to secure the cabinet to the wall. Doug built a little box, and we used that to extend the cabinet to the wall. Incidentally, we also had to extend all the sink plumbing from under the cabinet. Ah, well. Whatever.

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We looked and looked for a cabinet door that we could use as a cover for the electrical panel. Nothing was the right size, and while we were pricing how much it would cost to build a custom door, I saw a cheap set of bi-fold closet doors, with a louvered top and a solid panel on the bottom. Eye-balling it, the solid panel on the bottom looked about right. We measured it, and it was! So, we bought it, chopped the door in half, and surely I’ll find a use for the rest of the door at some point – I always do.

Edgar and I get the door hung up, using hinges leftover from our kitchen TWO houses ago. This is why you save everything.

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Ta-Da! It looks great. We need a magnet or a hook and eye to keep it closed, but that’s a simple fix. I vaguely considered making it a corkboard or a chalkboard, but it’s in such an awkward space, I would never reach back in that corner to use it.

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I don’t like putting in cabinet hardware if the pull requires 2 holes. I am always so afraid – even if I make a template – that it will be crooked and I will RUIN EVERYTHING. The fear is so irrational, since I do so many other things without issue. But there you have it. Veronica, on the other hand, is smarter than to be daunted by drawer pulls, so she hung all the hardware. Gold Star for you, V, for conquering my fear. They look great.

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The room really is taking shape – it looks like a room and has SO much storage. The cabinetry turned out great with the hardware. And, I suppose the best thing is that I no longer have to go to the Cottage (the rental house) to do laundry – I can do it here. So nice.

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And with the doors open – hints of color! I still have to put the shelves in.

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So happy! Remember when I said that this post would be about the counters? Just kidding. Ran into a bit of a snag there – which I THINK I have figured out. Part one of countertop building will come next – wish us luck!!!

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  1. To your first statement, THANKS! It makes me happy.

    To your second statement : I COULD be mean and say “at least I can get my laundry machines in their proper place.” But I’m nicer than that.

    I actually grew up in Columbus, and did lots of camps and things at OSU. So, you know….

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