This. Is. Priceless.

We have had the pleasure of hosting my husband’s sister and family this weekend. Doug and his sister Susan ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, which kicks off the start of the Indy 500 Festivities. While they ran 13.1 miles, the rest of us stayed home. And ate bacon.

After our delicious breakfast, four of us were hanging out talking in the living room – my brother-in-law, and one niece and nephew. And the dogs. Our other niece, Rachel, was “exploring.” I could hear her moving things around upstairs, and I knew she was going everywhere in the house. She’s my artsy, creative niece, and I trust her implicitly, so I never went to see what she was doing.

Later, she showed me. And it is the ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER. She’s searching for treasure in our house. And she just turned 10. And did this entire thing herself. I can’t believe how perfect the shots are. Or, rather, I can, because she’s brilliant.

It’s called “Searching the House,” by Rachel

I may ask her to re-film once all the bad wallpaper is removed. She might be 20 by then.

You should tell her how great she is.


  1. That was a fun look at the house! …brought back some memories for me, to be sure.
    Plus- Excellent film-work!

  2. WOW! A great short film, from a great young film maker, with a great inspiration to work from! One of my (grown) daughters is a college film maker ( at least until she graduates next week), so I have acquired a “learned” appreciation for the art… I think your niece has a talent…that certain “eye” for film making that is somewhat rare. Hope she continues! VERY NICE!

  3. Love the angles she used for her shoot…very creative and so much fun!!! She definitely needs to continue to do more!

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