Lots of Loose Ends : The Cottage Bathroom Post 4

It’s true with any renovation or restoration that the last 5% seems to take the longest time, and seems to involves so many last-minute details. This seems to hold mostly true for the bathroom at the Cottage, though being under a deadline makes it seem as though it is moving forward fairly quickly, which is nice.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog01

Since I designed the bathroom with a short wall at the end of the tub to keep the room open, this required an L-Shaped shower curtain rod. I found one at Signature Hardware that I loved, in chrome to coordinate with the fixtures. It came without instructions, because clearly everyone knows we’re SO SMART.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog02

Drilling through tile is always nerve-wracking. Using a ceramic bit, I held a cup of water, Doug drilled, and cooled the bit in the water as needed. This drilling job is absolutely for him, because you have to go SOOO SLOW. Oh My Goodness So Slow.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog03

Whew. Nothing broke. Patience for the win.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog04

I got the job of holding the bar up until the side screws were in, and it had some strength. This, I can handle.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog05

It looks nice!

FOUR COttage Bath BLog06

FOUR COttage Bath BLog08

Next, we attached the ceiling support bar. It was too long, but is made to be trimmed. (How? Who knows, because there were no instructions. But we figured it out.)

FOUR COttage Bath BLog07 FOUR COttage Bath BLog09

There was about an 8-inch piece of ceiling support left over, and Doug handed it to me and said, “Here. Have a triangle beater.” His genius knows no bounds. So, it’s now in my band room, serving a purpose until someone loses or steal it. Upcycling at its finest!

FOUR COttage Bath BLog10

That was Saturday. It went really well. Then, came Sunday. All I wanted was doughnuts for breakfast. And this is what I found at the store. This should have been a sign.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog11

Since Cody, our painter from Martin Place, is moving into the Cottage, he’s been helping out some to make it go faster. When we showed up on Sunday, he was there, painting the door casings black. Because he thought that’s what I wanted, since the baseboards were black. I almost cried. Instead, I may have sworn a bit in frustration – if you know me well, the one thing I HATE is wasted time. And since we were under a deadline, all I could think was that now things were going to take longer. But, it’s just paint.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog12

I didn’t like this at all.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog13

So, Sunday I primed….

FOUR COttage Bath BLog14

And got it back to white. Thank goodness.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog15

Other tasks that were accomplished this weekend : Edgar got all the shelving in the reach-in closet in the bathroom. TWO CLOSETS in one bathroom. So lucky.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog16

Also, it took four of us to hang this medicine cabinet. I found this ages ago at Goodwill – the moulding on the cabinet perfectly matches the mouldings in the house. For $10 and some paint (and super cute knobs), it’s a winner. And MORE STORAGE.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog17 FOUR COttage Bath BLog18

I’m very, very ready to do a bathroom at Martin Place now.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog19 FOUR COttage Bath BLog20

The shower walls needed their caps.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog21

Some paint and marine varnish made them VERY glossy – almost a Chinese Lacquer. But hopefully they will be very water repellent!

FOUR COttage Bath BLog22 FOUR COttage Bath BLog23

The last project for the weekend was to hang the mirrors.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog25 FOUR COttage Bath BLog26

The room is feeling more and more finished by the moment!

FOUR COttage Bath BLog27

I love the brushed silver against the walls and the Chrome fixtures. And I was really excited for find mirrors with beveled edges for $30. Such a steal. I was afraid that the wood frames had some damage from the flood, but they turned out perfect.

FOUR COttage Bath BLog28 FOUR COttage Bath BLog29 FOUR COttage Bath BLog30

Obligatory renovation mirror selfie! That’s a smile of being almost DONE!

FOUR COttage Bath BLog31


  1. Fantastic, as usual. Did you notice in the pic of the toilet and shelf that the three walls in the shot all appear to be a different color? A testament to the changeability of your paint color.

    1. Actually, nothing right now. 🙁 I would have liked to, but it’s one of the things that got cut in the push to get things done for the renter to move in, so it’s on our “between renters” next projects. I just want to do a simple subway, like the shower, with some black pencil tile in it.

    1. Thank you!!!! It’s been a rough few days trying desperately to get everything finished with a migraine to boot – so I needed to hear that. 🙂 You’re the best!

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