This Week : Two Unrelated Exciting Things!

Two pretty great things happened in the last couple of days! Snow, and a feature on one of my favorite places to hang out on the web! I’m whirling them into a single blog post.

First Exciting Thing : A Story on the Internets!


If you aren’t a fan of Circa, you should be, right now. It’s a beautifully designed website, that features incredible homes across the country. Many are for sale, and their searchable database of real estate is incredible. Looking for a house in a certain state? You can search that way. Or, do you just want a CASTLE that’s for sale? You can search by architectural style, as well. AMAZING.

I’m not in the market for a house, clearly, but I can sometimes get lost for hours just looking at the houses that are for sale, and getting a peak at the inside. It gives me so many ideas. They also have an online magazine with great ideas and features, as well as a great list of old house blogs, resources, and media. A few months ago, they asked me if I would volunteer to write a guest post. I was delighted to, and it was published on Friday.

Check it out HERE!


If I make one person feel less daunted about restoring an old home, I will be thrilled.

Second Exciting Thing : Winter is Finally Here!


If there’s one thing I haven’t learned how to DIY yet, it’s definitely the ability to control the weather to my liking. I love the snow. I really, really love winter and everything that goes along with it – from sitting by a fire, to drinking hot chocolate, to windchill burning off my face, to skiing, to snuggly sweaters and afternoon naps on the couch. I’m lucky to live in a place where we get all four seasons. I love them all, but winter is my favorite.


This winter, I was starting to believe that we would go from fall to spring, and I was getting really, really sad. For the 6+ weeks that our Christmas Decor was out, we had no snow. NONE. Not even a dusting. And I was sad. Mother Nature is a cruel, cruel mistress when she doesn’t even allow you to see your house decorated for Christmas in the snow the FIRST YEAR YOU HAVE A RESTORED PORCH.

DSC_0502 DSC_0501 DSC_0500 DSC_0498

It’s March 1, and we finally got our second snowfall of note. So, for those of you who are tired of winter, I’m sorry. But I’m REALLY excited.

I wonder if the bunny who got to jump across the snow on my porch first was as excited as me.


Also, I think Queen Anne Victorians look their best in the snow. Truly.

DSC_0504 IMG_0408 DSC_0513

The street is so lovely!


And, the view from the third floor turret. Just breathtaking.


Happy Winter, Everyone! Spring, you are officially allowed to come. Not because I am sick of winter, but because I finally, FINALLY, feel like we’ve had one.


  1. Hi Amy! No comment on your attachment to the snow…on second thought, maybe one comment: we tired, weary sun lovers may not share your love for the white stuff, but I am sure I speak for most of your faithful readers when I say we do appreciate your energy and excitement (in general terms) and ALWAYS look forward to your blog updates! So, please keep dragging us along though this season (maybe with a teeny bit less enthusiasm for the weather)! Maybe start by telling us about what you are planning for spring projects 🙂

    1. You make me laugh! I definitely need to do a “what’s next” post, once we finish the last few details of the Butler’s Pantry. Operation “move out of the third floor” will be in effect!

  2. That is where I saw your beautiful house—I’m on my 3rd – a smaller cottage style, but still over 100 yrs. old. I loved reading your blog!

  3. Amy, loved the blog! I have loved all the seasons of your home, but I do agree that it looks great with snow!


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