Put out an APB. I need to find this man.

Okay – a quick break in our story of the house in the 1980s…. while working on the next post, I googled the Lumber Company down the street (because I wanted to see if I could find info on it – as it’s right down the street, was a supply place for the reno in the 80s, and, as we already knew, was owned by Roy Bryant – who lived in our house and was mayor of Franklin in the 30s.

Remember him from the post where we were lent the first old pictures from the house?

Historic Martin Place

So when I looked up the lumber company, I found these pictures on a forum, under a thread “Vintage Family Photos.” They were posted in 2013. I’ve asked for permission to join to forum to try and find the owner of these amazing pictures. ACK!

His text :

I’ll try not to go crazy — but I just got a few boxes of REALLY old family photos to scan in. A few of them are even tin-types! (Don’t worry, though, I won’t be showing you the really ancient stuff back into the 1800s!)

I am seriously freaking out.

“Great Aunt Edith at Her High School Graduation, 1908.”

Bryant Family1

Bryant Family

“Dad and His Brother Mark”

(That is my next-door neighbor’s house, my driveway, and Roy Bryant had a son named Mark. According to ancestry.com, the poster’s father was Robert Bryant if I am guessing at ages).

Bryant Family 2

“Mom ‘n’ Dad sometime in the mid 40s”

Same porch columns and railings as in the 1940s pictures of our house.

Bryant Family 3

“Mom, Dad, and Uncle Mark at the Central L&M — the family lumber business — in the mid 40s”

This is the picture that I found in my search for Central L&M.

Bryant Family 4

“Mom ‘n’ Dad in the winter, sometime in the late 40s Mom was from Miami, and snow was not really her thing. I *love* that hat.”

And I love her coat. And her shoes.

Bryant Family 5

“Mom– I *love* these pants.”


Bryant Family 6

“And I have to throw this one in ’cause I love the car. I’m pretty sure it’s a 1946-47 Olds Custom Cruiser 98.”

We went outside to look to be 100% sure. Those are ABSOLUTELY the homes across the street. This is taken in front of our house.

Bryant Family 7

I’m dying. I need to find this person!!!!! Weirder things have happened on the internet, right?


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