Happy Valentine’s Day!

The great folks at Circa Old Houses reached out and asked me to write a post for them about Restoring Old Houses and Relationships for Valentine’s Day, and here it is!

10 Reasons Why Fixing Up an Old House is the Most Romantic Thing Ever


We aren’t sappy at all – I prefer plumbing fixtures to flowers – but maybe that’s why we’ve worked out so well.



  1. Wow! I Love this beautifully written article. We, as a family, have finished all the “major” projects on our 1960’s Fishing Cabin home that we bought 10 years ago. We are down to finally whittling away at all the “little projects”, and we’ve been on a big roll since Christmas break! My Christmas present this year was my husband installing the ceiling fan we purchased 3-years ago. 1:30 am Christmas Day when he screwed on the last wire nut and turned the wall switch on, I couldn’t have been happier or more proud of that ceiling fan! (And, it wasn’t just installing the fan. First the sagging vaulted ceiling beam had to be slowly “un-sagged”, then a new stringer had to be built and installed with hidden slots for all the wiring, then of course, installing the cedar car-siding ceiling and trim…..one project creates SO many other pre-projects!) Since Christmas, he’s created a built-in bookcase, I’ve laid tile in two entrances, and last night we finished installing our oak stair case…which I’m sanding and staining today! Your article and experience couldn’t be more spot on for strengthening a spousal relationship and personal creativity. Other people just don’t understand. We enjoy working with each other so much on making our home a reflection of our tastes and personalities and there are lots of compromises (I call the ones I let him have “Leverage” for the ones that I want). Congrats on your article! When your blog pops up in my mail feed, I stop whatever I’m doing read it! ….Now, back to sanding!

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