Crayons, and Pencils, and Sharpies!

In the July issue of “This Old House” magazine, we were fortunate to have the house featured on the front cover. EQUALLY as squeal worthy? They made a coloring book page of our house. 

We had no idea that was happening – we didn’t know until we saw it in the magazine.  I kind of freaked out, because that was pretty surreal.


We had tons of people send us their version of our house! Enjoy!

Libby’s submission came first! She’s the daughter of our friends Kelly and Brendan.

Libby_WithPic_061516 (1)


My friend Kendra colored this one. Of note? SO many people love the house in yellow! I considered it briefly, but there’s already a cute yellow house across the street. But it does look nice!


And her 3-year-old Darcy made this one!


My awesome nephew Jason. Serious bold colors here. And one can’t argue with a purple porch floor.


My niece Rachel. I love the blue roof!


And my niece Liz! This is pretty much what I envision the perfect Barbie house to look like.


Marge is my husband’s-sister’s-husband’s-mother (which is just fun to say!). Her coloring is phenomenal! Serious attention to detail!


My dear friend from high school (and gorgeous and phenomenal opera singer!) Stacy was being indecisive about colors. I told her to go look in her closet and find a dress she liked. Totally worked.


Our friend Leslie and Craig’s kiddos drew these! Lillian’s two are first :

Lillian B

Pink and black stripes!!!

Lillian A

And here is Preston’s!


My friend Raina, who works at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and is an incredible artist in her own right, did this one. I love the detail!

raina's coloring creation

And her colleague from when she worked at Indiana Landmarks, Paige, made this.

Paige Wassel

My friend Erin’s son famously doesn’t like to color. But after it was hanging blank on the fridge for a few days, he enlisted Boba Fett’s help (so I was told) to color his. He is four. And I smile every time I look at this picture. It’s like a coloring book mugshot.


Adrian follows me on Twitter, and my favorite thing about hers is that she got mad that my chandeliers weren’t on the drawing, so she PUT THEM IN. And now I love her forever.


Sarah, who works for my dad, sent this from her nephew, who is 9. I seriously could not have colored this well when I was nine.


Ellie, who is the daughter of our friends JC and Anne, picked out the colors for this (she’s 18 months), and Anne did the coloring. Ellie

I’ve never met Asher (5) and Callan (6), but they posted this to the This Old House Facebook page, and I asked their dad if I could share it! I’m glad he said yes, because they are adorable.


And last, our friend Veronica’s mother has an art class of students ages 5-16, and they did some for us as well!

Bragg B Bragg C Bragg D

This one is really close to the actual scheme!

Bragg G Bragg H Bragg I Coloring Pic  Bragg1 Coloring Pic  Bragg2

Seriously – so fun! And in some ways, I’m thankful that these didn’t exist before we did the outside of the house, because I would probably still be coloring and choosing a scheme 3 years later!!!



  1. This made me realize my July issue of TOH never came in the mail. Also, I’m pretty sure this makes you the coolest person on the planet!!!

  2. Well, this settles it. You HAVE to repaint your house with a completely different color scheme at least every other year and try all these out!

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