Loveliness Needing Thanks!

We’re used to people knocking on our door to tell us stories about the house (which we LOVE), and definitely get the occasional email which is so wonderful and amazing. We LOVE when the house – and our journey with it – makes other people happy, or bold enough to try a renovation, or gives people hope that their frustrations with their projects have a relatable ear. I’m so thankful to the community of support we’ve found through the blog!

A couple of days ago, I received the loveliest card in the mail from Gloriana, who reads my blog. In it, was the prettiest quilted heart-shaped ornament, and some fantastic details about the house she is working on.


Sadly, the return address stamp was too worn to be read when it got to me, so I can’t mail out a proper “THANK YOU!” which I REALLY want to do! Doug said, “She reads the blog – just send it there!” As always, he’s a genius.

Thank you, SO much Gloriana! Your note was lovely and brought me the biggest smile, and the ornament is perfection. I hope you see this – send me an email ( or a card to keep me posted on your house – I’d love to see what you’re up to!

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