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From time to time, I get an email in my inbox from someone in the television / production world, from someone who has seen my blog and is looking for great people to show their skills on TV. I usually look it over and exchange a few emails, knowing that we’re not what most people are looking for – we are SLOW, only working on one house, and detail oriented – and we get along way too well! We would be too drama free!

The folks at Engel Entertainment reached out to me, and their website shows that they are focused on storytelling, which is fun. They are currently casting for a show, and while I know we aren’t a good fit for this project, there are so many people that love renovation that follow this blog that might be interested, or know someone who is! I’m happy to pass the information along.

Engel Entertainment wants to reach as many people as possible who would be interested in being part of the show. We are looking for couples, families, or partners who work in home renovation, restoration, house flipping, construction projects, etc. to be hosts on the show.

You can find the online casting information HERE.

On a side note, we keep wanting to put more video on the blog. It’s definitely something we’d love to do – to be able to show a little more about what we do – and the teacher in me would love to be able to educate more about HOW we do things! We’re not quite ready to do that, but hopefully sometime soon! We have no idea if that would be of interest to anyone who follows along, but we’d love to make historic home restoration less terrifying – because it’s SUPER AMAZING!


  1. Hi Amy!

    I received the same letter from Engel Entertainment, but decided not to do a post.

    Previously, I spoke with several couples who were put through the ringer by production companies, and then nothing happened in the end. The couples felt abused. This is why, when a production company contacted me three years ago, I never responded.

    Also, the way TV schedules are set up, it is impossible to do proper restoration work. I see so many Before/After shows where fabulous old houses are brutalized, including the original such show, This Old House.

    I think a show which was TRULY about restoration could be hit but just cannot see how such a worthy goal can mesh with a TV production schedule.

    1. I don’t disagree with any of this – we’ve been “put through the ringer” several times, and so I know exactly what you’re saying. I’ve also followed some people on Instagram – before, during, and after their shows have aired, and have been pleasantly surprised with the results – “Old Home Love,” and “Nashville Flipped,” who I think get some of the details of historic homes right on television (most REALLY don’t). You’re totally right – it’s a schedule that’s incompatible with most restorers. But I’m ever the eternal optimist (I really hope that never leaves me), and I certainly don’t mind throwing opportunities out there to someone who might be a fit. 🙂

      1. Have you ever seen Restoration Home? It’s a show based in the UK and you can find episodes on Youtube.
        Totally worth a watch.

  2. While I love reading about your adventures (and Ross, too!), I totally understand your reasoning. Restoring an old house THE RIGHT WAY takes so much time, and the last thing that you need is some unsympathetic producer giving you deadlines and making your work even more stressful.

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