And the Shower is IN!

Guess What? The shower is in, and it works! There’s plumbing and water and EVERYTHING!

First, a reminder. When last I posted, the tub, it all its glory, was finally in place.

It’s so exciting! We added tub casters to get us to the height that we needed for the drain. I’m still not convinced I chose the right ones – I chose to try and match the floor, and not the clawfeet, but they’re growing on me. They’re porcelain.

I don’t have an in-progress installation pictures, because I’m a failure. So these are all After Photos, but Doug did a brilliant job with the install, and we only had to re-order a couple of things and make about 17 trips to the hardware store, which is PRETTY awesome for a plumbing project (for realz).

In the world of “non-important” things, I couldn’t decide on a shower curtain. I bought two to try – a lace one, and a striped linen-look one. I didn’t really like either, so I thought WHY NOT BOTH. And once I layered them, I kind of liked it. There’s also a cloth shower curtain liner behind.

Lace overlay.

The curtain is going to stay open most of the time, once it’s dry (remember, this won’t be a primary shower until the other bathrooms are under renovation).



It took me AGES to find a brass shower with exposed plumbing that also had no hose attached. FOR. EVER. Guess where I found it? Home Depot, of all places!

The tub hardware came from The Mine. We splurged a little on these two pieces, but it’s the only bathroom (out of 5) where we’re using brass, and so we went for it.

We still have some plumbing tape to trim (the pink) but the drain and supply lines are pretty, too!

And the built-in drain allows us to not have a surround shower curtain, so that’s nice!

I love a rain shower head. SO MUCH. 

It’s just glorious.

It’s not REALLY this dark in here, but having the lights dimmed made the pictures easier to take without the chandelier washing out the space.

This little brass plant stand was a super helpful bath-side table in our last house, and it’s going to step up and to the job again here.

Next up! Lots of finishing details, and one more big project – the apothecary cabinet!

And also lots and lots of baths. I forgot how comfortable clawfoots are, after not having one for 5 years. I’ll be making up for lost time….


  1. Woo hoo! Magnificent, and stunning, and all other synonyms for those words. Enjoy those victory baths/showers.

  2. Beautiful!! But these tubs usually have a oblong curtain rod. How are you going to keep the floor dry?

    1. We won’t! If you check out the post about the floor, it’s actually a wet room. I designed the room so the floor slipped under the tub, and there’s an infinity drain underneath. So, we could actually remove the tub, and the whole room becomes a walk-in shower – also very handicap accessible!

  3. I just stare at this bath in AMAZEMENT! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I just started reading and had to catch up but I just wonder how ya’ll come up with such neat designs??!!!!!!! I feel like a two year old with my decorating ideas….how do you do it? (Black walls!)

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