Amazing Apothecary

The cabinet is done (which means, the bathroom is done…. final pictures coming soon!).

I am so elated!

Last we left off, I had started the dyeing process for the cabinet. I got it as close as I could to the woodwork of the door.

Next, I used amber shellac to deepen up the color and seal the wood.

One bay with shellac (on the left) – such perfection.

See the bay on the right? I ran out of shellac with about 2 square feet to go. UGH. 

A quick trip to the store, and it’s finished. I love it SO MUCH. 

Pretty good match!!!

Up went the side doors! 

And the mirrored door was next. 


I love when the picture in my head matches reality.

I ordered glass shelves for the inside. In hindsight, I wish I had ordered ones that were a little thicker, but they’re going to be fine.

I used a shelf-pin jig, and different sized boards to help me get the holes for the shelves in the right place. 

Perfect little pin holes!

Small brass shelf pins to hold up the glass….

I love it. 

I really, really love it.

I bought these beautiful handles from House of Antique Hardware, and they are sparkly and heavy and perfect. 

A little bit of painters tape to protect the front while drilling the holes for the handles.

Doug did the math for the holes – I was worried in my adrenaline-crazed excitement, I would make them crooked or not centered. Because I TOTALLY would do that.

They could not be more perfect.

And just a few things in the cabinet – but so much more to come. 

Some clean-up, loading in the shelves with some beautiful things, and I can show you the FINISHED ROOM. Please, let this be the only room in the house that takes 15 months to finish.


(But it was so worth it.)


  1. I still LOVE the yellow and grey wallpaper…so reminiscent of a kitchen I did once upon a fave EVER. Beautiful room you will enjoy for years to come. Congratulations!

  2. Oh wow, so beautiful! Love the glass shelves, will make you keep things neat inside.

  3. Your bathroom looks amazing! Congratulations, all the hard work has paid off. The floor is inspirational and I love the way the shape of the lighting is echoed in the wall paper.

  4. Beautiful! I can’t wait to do my own victorian home. So much work but would be so rewarding. Love your work!

  5. Simply amazing! From Doug waist deep in the floor completely replumbing everything, to all the exquisite finish work…it’s incredible how much has gone into this one-of-a-kind space. Congratulations on finishing bathroom #1 (even if I’m late in doing so)!

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