Is It 2019 Yet?

I feel like it’s been about 12 years since I’ve written a blog post. I have missed writing, more than you can know. And I’ve missed having something REALLY tangible to write about. This fall – especially teaching – has been the most trying and stressful of my career. I have been pulled in more directions than ever. There is so much happening, and just staying afloat is taking all of the time. Add to that, a puppy who is still VERY much a puppy, and other obligations….. the house has taken a backseat. And blogging isn’t even in the backseat – I think it’s tied on the bumper being drug through the mud.

I’ve missed you, friends.

I am ready for 2018 to be done. There have been some great things about this fall – don’t get me wrong. Doug ran his first New York City Marathon (not his first marathon, but first in New York), and we had a wonderful trip. We’ve had some awesome times with family and friends, and absolutely love our lives. We have big dreams ahead, but we really need life to slow down a little. I’m not sure when it will, but I know this – I’ve learned this fall exactly how much working on the house is part of my soul. And when I can’t do it, I don’t feel like me. 2019 is going to be about rediscovering that, and making time for the things that make our souls excited.

This blog has always been about real life. It’s not a TV show here – we aren’t going to finish a house in 6 months. If you can do that, I really think you either have a ton of money to hire everything, a ton of time, or you’re really doing something wrong. Sometimes I think, “WHY can’t we move faster? What’s wrong with us?” But I know this is real. It takes time. And this fall, the pause button was pushed. But we’re ready to get back at it. Soonish. Because I need sawdust and progress to breathe. And Doug and I have so much fun together working on the house – we’ve really missed it.

What’s next?

Four Things.

  1. The Study : It’s SOOOOO CLOSE. Just a few more things to knock off the list, and it’s done.
  2. The Basement : Doug is making the shop in the basement. I would say HIS shop, but it’s ours – I use the tools as much as he does. But he’s doing the planning and plotting. Not a pretty or glamorous job, but it needs doing, and hopefully this means we can do things faster in the future! (I cannot find a picture of the basement. Clearly, I’m a mess. And I can’t bring myself to walk three flights of stairs to take one. Ha.)
  3. The Dining Room : The Dining Room was the BEST and most intact room in the house when we moved in. It doesn’t need a lot, which is why it’ll be the perfect thing for me to work on while Doug is in the Basement. Drapes, some sconces, some reupholstery, and some decor. DONE. 
  4. The Library : This is the next BIG project on the horizon. We’re going to do this in phases, because we won’t be able to afford it all at once. I’m working on a design, and I can’t wait to get started. Do you like bookcases all the way to the ceiling, or do you like room for art above them? TELL ME!

So, while we all wait for us to get back at it, here are some pictures from Halloween and Christmas!

Made using a tin-type app!

We hope you’ve had an amazing fall and holiday season!!! Thank you for always encouraging us and being our biggest cheerleaders. This community really does make a difference, and we love you!


  1. Your book cases absolutely should go all the way to the ceiling, and I love Angelia’s idea for glass doors – maybe not on all of them, but at least on some. And those doors should slide, not open. If you need some inspiration, perhaps ask to visit the Lilly Library at IU – there’s a room called the Mendel Room (where the Mendels are interred – can you inter someone in your house?) and it’s totally library ideal – it’s got the sliding glass doors. You should also have a ladder, though I think I have seen this discussed before. I am so excited for the Library! I can’t wait! I am sure it will be beautiful!

  2. Ditto! All the way to the ceiling! It would be awesome if you have room for a ladder too!

    I know life happens, but I’ve missed your posts. I always look forward to them.

  3. I agree about the library. Thank you for your update. I was a bit worried that I’d lost you. That puppy should get a modeling job with Target. So cute.

  4. Have missed your blog so much. Glad you are back. LOVE the tree that matches the study. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Why don’t you compromise on the book shelves and have some to the ceiling, others not so high. I like both looks.

  5. Partway up, say three-quarters of the way. Then you have room for art and things like alabaster busts. It’s a cool British look that works for collections. It’s also a Victorian vibe. Sliding glass doors can be awkward in terms of reaching inside, and they’ll look too modern. I suggest glass doors that hinge open. Since I’m no carpenter, I’ve invested in old oak barrister bookcases (slowly over the years, a few at a time), but if you build the shelves it will be so much faster. Just make sure you don’t run a shelf span wider than 30″ or the shelves are likely to sag under the weight of books.

  6. Ceiling to wall shelving on the entrance interior walls (it looks like you have two walls that have access points) that have a library ladder attached for accessing those shelves high up using a metal railing. The ceiling must have wonderfully detailed crown molding and a grand crystal chandelier. Completely open wall on the window wall allowing for artwork, wall lighting sconces and seating within deep cushioning leather chairs. And on the wall directly across from the window, either a large piece of artwork or paint some wording, perhaps in an Old English font, that inspires you atop an alcove (after creating it, say, a small alcove nook (think old telephone area) with curved headings for placement of a simplistic statue. A nice round wooden
    table placed center room for perusing books. Grand and comfortable befitting the period of your home, nothing modern.

  7. Girl, if I get a single room done in six months, I’m over the moon. When remodeling is not your full time job, and you don’t have unlimited amounts of money to spend, it takes forever. We’re going into year 12, and still have six rooms and the exterior to go.
    I had to go floor to ceiling bookcases in our library because we have so many books. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be incredible.

  8. Such great Halloween and Christmas decorations, love how you are enjoying your home! Cute dog too💕

  9. Bookcases to the ceiling so they have a built-in look! (Or actually make them built-in; you guys are so awesome you could come up with something amazing.) And if you don’t have enough books to fill them up (yet), you can always arrange the books artfully on some shelves or use some shelves for collectibles. Definitely make the shelves adjustable!

  10. I’m in the floor-to-ceiling crowd. Even if you have wonderful oil paintings to hang, you have so much other space to put them up. However, in terms of small sculptural pieces, it’s possible to put them on the shelves with the books. Done right, and in particularly if the pieces are particularly Victorian in style, it will blend in seamlessly.

    1. Shoot, I meant to add — your Halloween decorations are awesome. I particularly like the cloaked skeleton in the window with the black rose. Your Christmas decorations are really exceptional and wonderfully evoke the season.

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