Sometimes, I Get Crafty

I had a bunch of wallpaper scraps leftover after wallpapering the Study, and so I decided to try and make all the outlets and switch plates in the room disappear. To be honest, wallpapering the outlet covers seemed initially like a really antiquated thing to do, but I thought I’d see if I liked it (and – I do!).

Initially, I thought : I’m just going to switch out all the plugs and covers to black. But, there was a cost there, so I thought I’d try wallpapering first. (Also, I could have spray painted the covers, but again, I opted not to).

Step one! Take off the cover.

Step Two : Gather your materials. I used plastic wrap, spray adhesive, scissors, a precision craft knife, extra wallpaper, and the outlet cover.

Find a scrap that has the part of the pattern you’re trying to match.

I made a video showing the process (because that was a little easier than trying to do this one in pictures). I hope this is helpful!

Here it is! And a little permanent marker can cover up that screw head really easily.

The pattern matching here is just okay – I’d give it a B-?

But it looks better from a distance!

AND, you get better at it. So, start with one that’s out of the way, and work your way to the more visible ones. This one is an A+, right?

Not quite as much fun as doing a whole room, but it’s still pretty fun to be crafty!





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