Continuing the Updates : Kitchen and Laundry Room!

Lots of little projects went into getting the house ready for the photo shoot. In fact, if you have a lot of little things that need doing, I HIGHLY recommend a photo shoot. Or a home tour. Or lots of visitors. Because there is no better motivation to finishing that LAST little bit. Also, why does the last little bit take so long? Seriously – how can you tile and plumb and do electrical and MOVE WALLS and then say, “Hanging a picture? That’s too exhausting. It can wait.”

I know these rooms has been done a while, but maybe you missed them! That’s what I’m pretending, anyway.

I found this frame at a thrift store for $4.00!

It looks like wood, but it’s totally plastic.

So, zero guilt when I did this to it!

I just sprayed the whole thing, glass included. The glass spray acts as a primer.

A couple coats of chalkboard paint, and this empty wall is now super fun.

The rest of the room is familiar…..

Although I did add herbs. But you know my track record – they’ll be gone before too long. I’ve been racing the clock to see what I can use in food before I eventually kill them.

I cleaned all the glassware – again, SUPER great motivator for all the chores you never want to do!

I keep having ideas for backsplashes in my head….. we’ll see. Someday……

I also hung some art by the back door!

This is a pretty cheerful kitchen right now.

And the Laundry Room! Again, I know you’ve seen it, but think of this like a re-run with a twist! That makes it seem more legit.

The twist in here? After years of looking for cheap (I mean, less than $5 cheap) hat stands, I had a moment of brilliance and bought some tall wine glasses and vases at the thrift store. About a dollar each, and the hats are more of a feature! Plus, since they’re clear, it’s almost like they’re floating.

It’s like a little boutique now. Such a small change that made a big difference!

Here she is! All ready for her close up…..




  1. When I found your blog I went back to the very beginning and read up to present date. I have been enjoying all the updates and changes you have made to your house.

  2. Hi!!! Love your kitchen. There is a refrigerator that matches your cool stove. I always wanted the set, but……

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