Halloween 2019!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’ve added a few more skeletons to the family (we’re up to 13!) and I thought that was worthy of a post!

This will be WAY more pictures than words, but that’s okay. Right?

Doug did all of the height work, but I went out on the roof to fix a wind-blown skeleton. Don’t worry – I waited until the wind was gone!

And I had excellent supervision!

Next week, we’ll have around 1200+ trick-or-treaters coming down our street and we are SO excited to greet them.

Adding inexpensive dollar store skulls to mums really dresses everything up!

It’s probably hard to play trumpet without ears. Or lips.

This glitter skeleton from Target that I bought years ago is still a favorite. A couple of fingers broke off, but that make it even cooler.

On Halloween night, I’ll fill the jars with liquid.

Putting skeletons on the turret has been a goal for YEARS, and we finally did it this year! Fishing line, some hooks already on the windows (that hold the storms in place) and a couple of command hooks for exterior. They’ve stayed on great so far – and we had one pretty bad storm since they’ve been up!

I already know where the next two skeletons are going to go…… maybe the next three……

Sometimes I think we should just leave this chandelier out all year long….

Here’s hoping we have great weather, and an awesome night!

Happy Halloween, 2019!!!!


  1. This is simply amazing! I wish I could go trick or treating in your neighbourhood! Great job. Happy Halloween!

  2. Late to the party since Halloween is long gone, but just had to say that this is absolutely awesome! Rock on.

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