Demo of the Floor

It took a couple of weekends, but the three rooms of flooring that are being replaced are out! Well, actually they were out a few weeks ago, but this is my first time writing about it, because I’m terrible at pretending to be a blogger.

Demo Floor - 1

Here is the “Before.” All the furniture gone, and ready to demo.

Demo Floor - 2

The rot was really concentrated in a couple of areas – super bad, but very localized, which is the best we couple hope for. check out how mushy the subfloor was in these areas!

There’s no evidence of termites now, but this wood looks like it had some at some time. Which makes sense, because of how moist it was.

Demo Floor - 4

Getting the first few rows off was the hardest!

Demo Floor - 5

Doug and our friend (and constant companion on this renovation) Edgar uncovering the subfloor!

Demo Floor - 6

This spot of rot was one we weren’t expecting. But again, it’s not too bad.

Demo Floor - 7

My job through most of this? Pulling all of the nails that the boards left behind. All 3,624,768 of them. Also, this is your friendly reminder to make sure your tetanus shots are up-to-date! Because nobody likes lockjaw.

Demo Floor - 8

This is where we got by lunch. You can see just how fragile the boards were – they splintered and broke so easily when we pulled them. We knew they couldn’t be salvaged, but it was so much more apparent once we really got into them.

Demo Floor - 9

Backgrounds of demo debris are such good selfie material!

Demo Floor - 10

This was the rot we knew would be bad in the parlor.

Demo Floor - 11

Here is this corner in action!

It’s bad. But really, it didn’t go as far into the room as we feared. Overall, still pretty lucky!

Demo Floor - 13

Demo Floor - 14

Our friend Brian joined us, and with four of use we really started moving quicker!

Demo Floor - 15

Demo Floor - 16

Pulling nails was way more fun when I could sit comfortably. Also, this was warm.

Demo Floor - 17

Subfloor left, floor being saved to the right.

Demo Floor - 18


Demo Floor - 20

The subfloor is in GREAT shape.

Demo Floor - 21

This is where we got at the end of the first day!

Demo Floor - 22

Demo Floor - 23

Demo Floor - 24

Demo Floor - 25

Anyone need a splinter? I have a zillion.

Demo Floor - 26

Demo Floor - 27

Underneath one of the air returns you can see the brick foundation. I love it so much!

Demo Floor - 28

More to go.

Demo Floor - 29

We tried to get about 10 more rows out each night during the week. This is where we got before the second weekend.

Demo Floor - 30

We had to use a dremel to get the flooring out over here – because this wall was added on top of the floor.


Not only that? The wall was added on top of CARPET. Seriously. This was the worst to get out.


More dremeling! (Dremel-ing? Dremelling?)


Done. So excited!!!!!!




  1. As always, I’m living vicariously through you. My only wish is that you had more time to blog.

  2. My 1894 house originally had wall-to-wall carpeting, so the wood floors were just cheap pine. Much later, oak floors were laid down, but without the fabulous borders which would have likely been in place in 1894!


    Your new floors are gonna be gorgeous!

  3. Love your blog! Do you think the sub floor may have been the first floor? Or, is it very obvious that it was laid down just to be a sub floor for the first finished floor when the house was built?

    I wish I was younger and had as much passion for doing something like this as you do!

  4. Got it. Where the wall was put on top of the carpet- was that originally a larger room or do you think the archway was only moved?

    1. I talk about it a little in the bathroom series posts – this room was likely the informal breakfast room, so it was one room that was larger. At some point, the bathroom and closet were added! 😊

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