The Beautiful Border : Part II

In Part I, I chatted about how I researched and found a historical border that I thought would be a great fit in the Parlor. After we picked out a mock-up, Everett from Virtuoso Hardwoods went to work making all the pieces of this giant, intricate, incredible puzzle.

The mock up!

These pictures are his from their shop, and I won’t offer a ton of commentary – they are just SO COOL to look at!


And LOTS of Math. Lots of it.

So organized and PERFECT.

It’s like the start of a lovely lattice.

When I first looked at this picture, I was like, “Man, that’s a wonky board.” But IT’S 9,016,273 itty bitty squares.

I can’t believe how lovely this is.


Packed up and ready to go!

With the outside border.

Clamp game is strong! Here’s the border.


In the house!

It’s just so damn perfect.

I posted this video from the floorers a while back, but it definitely needs repeated here! Also, check out their blog post about this phase of the project!

Next up – it gets installed!



  1. That was fascinating! Think about the craftsmen who originally installed that border? My father was a builder, believe me, they didn’t have the equipment they have now. And that wasn’t in Victorian times either. It is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for showing that shop video. Hope you’ve won the lottery!

  2. I find this so fascinating. My husband’s hobby is woodworking. I love old Victorians and am so thankful you are sharing.

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