Yeah. That’s Moody : Ceiling Part II

Did you see Part I? If not, check it out here!

Once the first two shapes were on, I laid on the floor to get an idea for more shapes. And I actually used the Mark-Up Feature on my phone to draw on a picture so I could see it.

Okay, this is good.

But, as we always say, “More is More.”

So…. THIS is better.

We have a plan!

Shape number three, coming at you!

I spent a lot of time on the floor taking pictures.


Okay, at this point, there really isn’t a huge need for a “how to.” We cut pieces of wood, made them into shapes, and nailed them to the ceiling. Rinse, and repeat.  So here are a LOT of pictures with almost no witty commentary!

Actually, this picture makes me want to do a DIY Olympics with “Scaffolding Ring Toss.” Who’s in?

Shape Four!

Shape Five!



I’m in love.

Olympic Gold Medallist Doug. Event = Geometry.

All points lead to glamour.

It was nice of the sun to cooperate for today’s project / photoshoot.

Next shape!

Seriously. The geometry is so good.


I finally got him to lay down on the floor to look, too!





She is done. And she is GLORIOUS.

Look at how fun these ceilings play together!

This isn’t perfectly lined up for a video flipbook, but it’s fun!

I am so glad it didn’t turn out the way I originally designed it. This was easier, and looks SO much better and more interesting!

Yay fun ceilings!!!!



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