Fabulous Fantastic Fretwork

Who is excited to see the fretwork UP AND IN THE HOUSE?!?!?

Okay but first, here is it at least IN the house, and on the floor.

It’s just SO PRETTY.

Fretwork Scroll :

Stairwell Scroll :

The pieces all laid out on the floor!

I couldn’t resist.

Here’s where it’s going – the “before” of the colonnade!

I totally agree with everyone who says it’s like a peacock. I didn’t see it  until someone pointed it out, but it makes so much sense.

Which is kind of fun, because I’ve always felt that this detail in the Entrance Hall reminded me of a Peacock :

This isn’t nerve-wracking. Not at all.

Making the holes to attach it. These will be filled with wooden plugs, stained to match the rest.

Our friends Stephen and Jordan came to help! Lots of hands needed for this.

The problem is, that the beam on top of the colonnade has a BIG bow in it that we didn’t know was as dramatic as it is. We have a plan to make it less obvious, but for now, its going to have a gap.

But already….. OMG.

We’re using the right-angle drill to get into this small itty-bitty space!

SUCH A BIG GAP. Rob from Wabashiki Woodworks has an idea to use a graduated dentil moulding up here to trick the eye, so I think we’re going to add that in.

The side panels are almost a perfect fit!


Securing the side panels.

Ooof. Look at that GAP! Still, it’s going to be amazing once we fix her up a little!

It’s so magnificent!!!!

Be still. my heart.

I just – I can’t believe this is in our house.

Rob is a genius. Completely.

Next up – the window bays, which will be some type of asymmetry (I LOVE this drawing!). And also the two stairwell pieces.

STAY TUNED!!!! So exciting!


  1. I’m a total fan of all the intricate designs in your home. I always get excited when I see a new post from you. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

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