Peace Out, Wallpaper

It’s wallpaper removal time!

If you remember, the wallpaper – while not the worst – was a pixilated oddity, that felt like one of those magic eye posters. Like if you stared at it long enough you would see a jet. Or a shark.

Someone on instagram suggested it was more of a cross-stitch pattern, and I while I think there is some merit to that and it makes a lot more sense, I really want to see a jet flying off the walls. But I was always terrible at those things, anyway. So, down it goes!

Here’s a good close-up of the worst wall to know what we’re dealing with. It’s scaly and gross.

I often get the question, “what methods have you used to get off wallpaper?” Several – I’ve tried everything – but nothing beats a wallpaper steamer to me. It causes some mess, but it’s really the best removal method I know of. Highly Recommend.

Here’s about half of the room being done! Also, if you can see on the wall some writing that says “Bruce 1st” and “Bruce 2nd” – I have NO idea who Bruce is. I assume maybe he was the wallpaper hangar who hung this? Bruce, if you’re out there – SHOW YOURSELF.


Ahhh….. so much better.

I also really recommend a shower curtain liner as a tarp. It’s easy to pick up and shake everything into the trash can, and if it gets super gross (which it will) it’s not a huge thing to throw away.

I do love a blank slate.

The only wall that doesn’t say Bruce says this. Why a melody? What’s the last word? Who has a clue?

Look how pretty the woodwork is against that clear wall. It almost makes me want to not hang wallpaper. ALMOST.

Room Tour! No Wallpaper!

One more thing – remember how I had thoughts that the yellow wallpaper was old? It’s not.

Once the wallpaper was down and I saw the lighter section that feels like drywall, I realized that I should’ve known the obvious – when this was a triplex in the 1950-80s, there was an arch in this wall for this upper apartment. It was the doorway from the bedroom to the living room. So, it still doesn’t answer when and why the wallpapers are different – but maybe it was to honor the doorway that was there. It’s totally possible, based on other clues we’ve had.

The other thing is that we have some pretty gross baseboards.

This long stretch is going behind the cabinet, so we think we’re going to remove this, build the cabinet flat against the wall, and use this baseboard to repair and replace the rest!

Next up? We see what’s in the hole above my head!




  1. Good idea about the shower curtain liner as tarps. Very cheap to get in thrift stores. And I second your recommendation about the steamer. NEVER try removing wallpaper without one.

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