Finishing the Fretwork Finale!

The day has come! It’s INSTALL DAY! The fretwork will be complete!!!!

Rob from Wabashiki Woodworks showed up in his truck with all the goodies, and we were so ready to go!

I cannot ever resist a good shadow picture. And I will never resist it. And this is one of the best of all time. 

Here’s the Date Panel!!!!

Remember when Rob sent me some drawings for over the stairwell, and I wasn’t sure about any of them because I thought they would be too low? 

He never sent me drawings of the final piece, it really was a surprise, and I am OVER THE MOON in love with it. I love the asymmetry, I love the shape, I love everything. 

Doug popped right into install mode!

Rob texted me well after the project was done and after I had posted pictures on instagram and said I should post some of the back of the fretwork because it looks good from every angle. And it does. It really does.

You know what DOESN’T look good from every angle? That Entrance Hall. It’s like a full blown workshop and junkyard and terrifying portal to hell. Hence, why I didn’t post pictures. ONLY LOOK AT THE FRETWORK. 

Rob unwrapped the other pieces so I could look at them.

I LOVE how the rounds are slightly darker than the rest of the wood. It really brings out the pattern!


Okay, back to the stairwell. Clamps were absolutely our friend here. 

Making sure it fits!

Checking the fit on the side panel as well. Just this glimpse is SO VERY EXCITING!

This piece is DONE! Isn’t it DARLING?

Here, Rob shows how the panels of the canter piece fit together. Super clever!

Hanging the first piece. Doug’s ladder safety is SUSPECT.



Center panel is going in. And the last panel. GOOD GRACIOUS I’m in love.

This piece didn’t fit perfectly, so they trimmed off a portion on the porch. Do I trust both of them completely? Absolutely. Was this terrifying? Absolutely. 

It’s not even complete and it’s beautiful. 


Last piece going in. 

Rob paid such attention to details.  He pulled the tulip from the stairwell into the piece above the stairs. Brilliant!

Last minute adjustments.

“Hi, can you please move the ladders now because I need pretty pictures.”

GASP. Amazing. 

Doug and I and Rob.

He’s incredible. Seriously. 

It’s now complete! What was lost, is now returned, in the best way we could. 

The peacock Design in the spokes is so beautiful. 

There it is. SO LUCKY to live here. 


  1. It is so incredibly beautiful. Loved following the process and the final results exceed all expectations. Thanks for sharing💕

  2. It’s spectacular! I love that the carvings on the crown at the top of all your pillars says: Goooood Even your house knows that it looks Sooooo Goooood! Congrats! I know you are thrilled!

  3. I love it when I see you posted. That re-addition is incredible!!! My excitement, no doubt, pales in comparison to yours. What a masterpiece!!!!❤️🙌🏾😍👏🏻

  4. Those pieces are so special. What an amazing gift to the house. I love all the photos and angles and really love the photo of you and Rob on the stairs. Thanks for sharing this with us, Amy.

  5. You are so lucky to live there but your house is so LUCKY to have the two of you as such loving owners. I think your house is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen pictures of. Congratulations on such a wonderful restoration. It is so heartwarming to see people appreciating and respecting an old house when so many are being torn down.

  6. They add a lightness and a joy to the room. The stairs are heavy and linear, but the fretwork is curvy and playful. The room looks complete. Well done!

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