Lots of Little Things

I was looking at my pictures trying to figure out what to write about next, and I have a lot of little things that need to be mentioned, but don’t warrant their own post. I mean, they DO. But I’m making them be best friends and share a space, anyway!

First, the doorknob! We took it out, cleaned the guts, and found a skeleton key that works for it!

We love a working knob!

The cabinet got a good clean, a round with Restor-a-finish, and some touch ups to the shallac where needed.

I don’t know what material that back wall of the cabinet is, but I’m trying to decide if I want to wallpaper it, paint it, or leave it…… thoughts?

And I wiped down all the hardware. It’s so simple and I love it.

Electrical! We went from one outlet which could hold two plugs, to FOUR outlets which will hold 14 Plugs. Making it modern! PLUS we added a ceiling fixture box for above the sewing machine AND two sconces.

To do that, Doug had to cosplay as an astronaut to climb in the attic to make all the connections.

Every Purdue Graduate’s Dream.

Boldly going where no man has gone before. But DEFINITELY some mice and birds have been in here.

This is beautiful.


Remember these perfect sconces? We’re working on the re-wire now.

And once they’re ready, they’re ready to be hung!

Does everyone who has an old house have 1,253,462 chairs? Just us? We have SO MANY CHAIRS that people have gifted us over the years. “Doug and Amy have an old house, they have room!” We’re like a chair orphanage, and I cannot say no.

This was given by a former custodian at my school. It’s super comfy and perfect for the room. And while we’ve taken an upholstery class, and I’ve done a few chairs, I’ve never done a channel back chair. And I was intimidated, so we are having professionals do it.

Velvet Stripes! I SURELY would have messed this up.

I love it with the wallpaper.

I also was originally planning on building a desktop and finding some cabinets to sit under it. Instead, I stumbled on this desk on Facebook Marketplace and got it for a steal. It’s not antique, but it’s got a large desk top and I love the side cubbies. I think it’s going to work really well in the space!

Speaking of purchases, we found this piece in Cincinnati. I had no intention of adding a piece of stained glass to the room, but it’s a remarkable comparable size, and has so many of the colors.

But we’re pretty sure this is upside down.

Flipped it! Ha. See the wings? I think it’s a pair of sea griffins!

I think it’s going to go in the other window on the top, but here’s what it looks like against the paper.

I PROMISE I’ll do a whole post about this once we get to it.

I added this doorstop with a lion on it. It’s kind of a terrible picture. He was probably roaring or something.

And last, I’ve been cleaning crystal like crazy. I’m going to build my own chandelier from pieces I have laying around. I promise that will also be it’s own post!

Whew. That was a lot. But these little projects are so important!

In closing, please enjoy baby bird and mama bird in their chandelier nest…..



  1. So many fun things in progress! this is the fun time! I think the stained glass creature may be a Wyvern?

  2. I love all the little projects and love Victorian houses. I lived in a Queen Anne Victorian in Galveston Texas as a child and loved that house. Many years and many moves later, I find myself (and hubby) in a 1927 farmhouse in rural Wisconsin. We’re always working on our house and enjoy the rural setting. I do have a secret wish for another Victorian, but doubt that will happen, however I can live vicariously through others, such as you all who work as a labor of love on a lovely Victorian! Thanks for sharing your journey and many projects.

  3. I was going to say wallpaper the back of the cabinet but after thinking about it…. I’d vote to paint it. Maybe black so it looks deeper and matches the hardware? Or leave it and decide later after it’s in the space!

  4. Re the back of your dresser: if you’re putting beautiful things in it that you want people (&you) to appreciate, paint it in a light colour to compliment or contrast with the room (duck egg blue, for example) but if you’re going to leave the dresser empty as a thing of beauty in its own right, maybe paper the back wall in a paper to (again) compliment or contrast with the walls of the room. To be honest, I’d go with paint, simple, easy and quick to change or freshen up in the future. Good luck.
    From Cornwall, UK

  5. “Boldly going where no man has gone before. But DEFINITELY some mice and birds have been in here.” Too funny! Especially with the picture of Doug’s feet.

  6. Loved this post! I think that of finishing up the smaller things feels like such an accomplishment. That chair and your fabric choice looks fun. I can’t wait to see it!

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