Laundry Room Counters : Take Two!

So, the first go at the counters didn’t go so well. But the second – well, it went spectacular. I couldn’t be more excited with how they turned out.

We used the first set of wood, which already had the one and only coat of stain on it. I decided that I wanted to sand, dye, stain, shellac, and poly the counters with the trim already attached, instead of separately. So Doug cut the trim pieces, and we glued them up, and clamped them overnight.

One of Doug’s tricks that he stole from somewhere? Wrap the pipe clamps in pipe insulation – it keeps the iron from scratching the wood.

Laundry BLog Counters01 Laundry BLog Counters02

After letting them dry overnight, we did a dry fit of the counters, and cut out the hole for the sink.

First, a template :

Laundry BLog Counters03

Then, marking the cut lines with tape to protect the finish.

Laundry BLog Counters04

We drilled pilot holes to start the cut. And we needed more light, so we brought in a lamp. But at least it’s a super cute antique lamp.

Laundry BLog Counters05 Laundry BLog Counters06

We jigsawed out the hole, and dropped the sink in.

Laundry BLog Counters07

This sink is the only thing that we kept from the original kitchen when we bought the house. It’s lovely and cast iron, and it looks better in this room than in the old kitchen.


I started with sanding and dyeing. Goodness. The dye worked SO MUCH BETTER on the maple, and I started to see the color I really, really wanted.

Laundry BLog Counters08

After the dye came the staining. The color kept getting richer, and I kept getting more giddy.

Laundry BLog Counters09

The only real issue was with the wood glue from the trim. I worked quite hard to make sure I got it all wiped off, and then I spent extra time sanding the joints just in case. However, I CLEARLY missed a spot, right in front of the sink. I was so mad at myself, but once the whole thing was done and polyurethaned, it ended up looking like old character, so I stopped sweating it. After all, even though there is monkey wallpaper and a chandelier, it’s still JUST a laundry room.

And, it still doesn’t look as bad as those floors. So that’s a plus.

Laundry BLog Counters10

After the staining came the shellac –

Laundry BLog Counters11

And the final step was multiple coats of polyurethane. I used a satin finish, because I really didn’t want this to look shiny.

Laundry BLog Counters12

We made toppers for the washer and dryer to keep them from being scratched. Ironically, I have since become paranoid about the WOOD being scratched, so it’s sort of a moot point. At least they are pretty! Basically, we built what looks like giant cutting boards, and put rubber feet on them. This seemed to make more sense than trying to wrap around to the cabinets, or attaching the wood to the walls.

Laundry BLog Counters13 Laundry BLog Counters14

While I was at it, I used some extra monkey wallpaper to line the drawers. It will make me smile each time I open them.

Laundry BLog Counters15

When we went to install the counters, they were too big. ARGH. By 1/8″. Apparently they became a bit swollen, either with the warmer weather, or with the dyes and stain. The thought that my beautiful finish job might be marred by trimming them made me sick, but Doug, as always, prepped everything perfectly and they were fine!

Laundry BLog Counters16 Laundry BLog Counters17

We built up the cabinets, and built in support for the counters to be the correct height with the trim, and to support where there is no cabinet. And we joined the cabinets together by building an apron using an upside-down piece of baseboard! Marina was clearly helpful during this stage.

Laundry BLog Counters20 Laundry BLog Counters21 Laundry BLog Counters22

In they go!

Laundry BLog Counters23 Laundry BLog Counters24

Doug is settling the joint in – but the install went perfectly after the trim.

Laundry BLog Counters25 Laundry BLog Counters26

I LOVE THESE! The counters and the cabinets turned out great, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. YAY!

Laundry BLog Counters27 Laundry BLog Counters28 Laundry BLog Counters29 Laundry BLog Counters30 Laundry BLog Counters31 Laundry BLog Counters32

Next up : A dog crate, more woodwork, a sink, and a shelf!


  1. As always, it’s fun to see your progress. (I spent a lot of time in that kitchen back in the 90’s.) 🙂
    (former owner of #2 Martin Place)

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