Laundry Room Post 7 : Almost to the Finish Line

As of writing this post, the laundry room is DONE! So, the next post will be filled with all the pretty pictures and details. But first, there were a ton of small projects to cover that pulled the ending details of the room together.

As the counters were being finished, the laundry sink hole was cut, and the sink was dry fit. It looks lovely, and the curves of the sink work really well with the room.

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We added a simple gooseneck faucet and sprayer, and went with an oil-rubbed bronze to complement the dark counter tops. There are a LOT of hardware choices these days that mimic traditional victorian styles, so even though it’s “just a laundry room,” it was important to me to try and make choices that work with the style of the house.

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I had a lot of leftover wallpaper scraps from doing the walls, and I decided to use these as drawer liners! I used the pre-pasted glue on the back to keep them down, which I may regret later on in life if I ever decide that monkeys aren’t AMAZING anymore. (But, really? What are the odds of that? Slim to none!).

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The area between the two cabinets is for the dog crate. Because we opted for a crate without a top (seeing how there would be a countertop), we wanted to join the two cabinets together with an apron. Originally, the plan was to cut a piece of wood to size, but then I realized that an upside-down piece of baseboard moulding would be the PERFECT height, and it had a little bit of detail to it. So, we went that route. It worked out nicely! We attached it to the cabinetry using metal strapping, and it definitely looks more finished. (Well, not in these pictures. Since I haven’t painted it yet).

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I just need to do a blog post called “Marina : In the middle of EVERYTHING.”

Laundry Room Blog Endish06

Marina loves the new crate and goes in it ALL THE TIME. Reese, not so much. Hence why she’s not in the pictures. But she’ll get used to it. I think Marina is a cave dweller and loves the dark.

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Here is the crate, and the built-in apron and the counters working together in joyful harmony!

Laundry Room Blog Endish30

Since we salvaged the cabinets from my parents’ house, they weren’t a perfect fit. When we installed them, the idea was to build open shelving in to connect the two sides and make the cabinets appear as one unit. This is perfect for me, because I like different combinations of storage.

Here is the before :

Laundry Room Blog 415

We built rails into the side, and cut out shelves to sit on the rails.

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Then we attached trim to the front. We used the same wood and trim as the countertops, I just painted them instead of stained them.

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We didn’t plan this, but this monkey sitting on top of the shelf is sublime.

Laundry Room Blog Endish14

We repeated the process to create a second shelf.

Laundry Room Blog Endish13 Laundry Room Blog Endish15 Laundry Room Blog Endish16

It looks great – like it was meant to be! The next step will be to build toppers for the cabinets to finish them off, stained the same color as the countertops.

Laundry Room Blog Endish21

You’d think – and you’d be wrong – that I measured my laundry baskets before deciding on the height of the countertops or cabinets. Spatial planning coincidence at it’s finest!

Laundry Room Blog Endish19

We built a display shelf for the wall out of the same wood as the countertops. These brackets were purchased for a shelving project at Jackson Street that never matriculated, so they were a perfect choice here.

Laundry Room Blog Endish22 Laundry Room Blog Endish23


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And this monkey peeking over the shelf is fabulous.

Laundry Room Blog Endish29

Ready for the decorating!

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Next up : The final room! So exciting!!!

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