The Cottage Kitchen

The kitchen at the Cottage really wasn’t in horrible shape. It just needed a facelift. In case you need a reminder (or nightmares) about what it originally looked like, here you go. Thank goodness this wallpaper exists for the “Villages and Birdhouse Decor” lot.

Cottage Kitchen01

But really, the bones were good.

The plan : New counters, clean the cabinets, cabinet knobs, remove the wallpaper, paint, add a light above the sink, new sink and faucet, switch out the overhead light, and add appliances. Oh, and change the floor to the hardwoods going throughout the house. A pretty reasonable list to turn it into a kitchen I would like to rent, if I were renting this little house.

I’ll admit it : I have a thing for green kitchens, apparently. I know it’s a rental and everything should be neutral, but I don’t care. I think a kitchen is a place where you can have a bit of fun with color for a rental, because you aren’t worrying about someone’s couch matching. It seems less risky. And a lot more fun to have at least one room with color. And, it’s just paint. When we finish and go to rent, if someone really wants to change it, we can do it.

Cottage Kitchen02 Cottage Kitchen03

The cabinets were in good shape, just in need a of a cleaning. And I found some great green porcelain knobs at 50% off to put on the cabinets. So cute.

Cottage Kitchen04 Cottage Kitchen08

There was a small, dated light fixture in the kitchen that was so unmemorable, I didn’t even take a picture of it. We replaced it with a really simple light. Note the great ceiling texture work – I wanted something simple to be able to see the texture pattern. It’s nothing special, but it gives more light and coordinates well (and doesn’t compete with) the light we will hang over the sink.

Cottage Kitchen05 Cottage Kitchen06 Cottage Kitchen07

We added this pendant over the sink to add a bit more light to the space. This light was leftover from the kitchen remodel on Jackson Street, where I thought I would put three lights above the sink area, but settled on two. So this was perfect!

Cottage Kitchen29

Switching out the counters and sink was next. I know what you’re thinking : “They are so lovely and clean and fresh! WHY are you removing them?”

Because. You are wrong.

Cottage Kitchen09

Cottage Kitchen10
I think my favorite is the WOODEN KNOBS on the sink. And the 1″ sink depth.

After removing the counters, we found MORE WALLPAPER! It’s a birdhouse miracle!

Cottage Kitchen11 Cottage Kitchen12 Cottage Kitchen13

Under the counters, behind the lazy susan, we found ANCIENT RELICS from this 1876 House : Simple Cool Whip Desserts, and the second volume of a Scooby-Doo series. Fascinating!

Cottage Kitchen14

We opted for a laminate counter top. I mean, it is a rental, after all. But this is much nicer than what was there.

Cottage Kitchen15 Cottage Kitchen16 Cottage Kitchen17

What a difference!

Cottage Kitchen18

The important thing that we learned during this project is that I do, in fact, fit in a kitchen cabinet. Doug opted to cut the sink hole in place, so I climbed in to make sure that the counter material didn’t fall and crush the plumbing when it was cut free.

Cottage Kitchen20 Cottage Kitchen22 Cottage Kitchen23

Covered in sawdust, and unscathed. I’m the winner!

Cottage Kitchen25

The new sink is much deeper, and while it’s not a porcelain or cast iron, it has the appearance of it (It’s acrylic). The faucet has some Victorian style lines, but is a nice off-the-shelf affordable option. I think it might even be the chrome version of the faucet we put in the laundry room in Martin Place. Even though it’s a rental, I still want to pay homage to the historical aspects of the house. You can do that – sometimes it just means you have to look longer and search deeper. But it’s worth it!

Cottage Kitchen27 Cottage Kitchen28

Appliances still need to come in, but here she is!

Cottage Kitchen30

I’ll do a blog post on the floor, but doesn’t the new floor look great?

Cottage Kitchen31

A big change in a few simple steps. So excited for this little kitchen, and the memories someone will make here!

Cottage Kitchen32


  1. Amazing. You did not do much, but what you did do made a huge difference. I would not have rented the house with the BEFORE kitchen.

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