The Cottage : Utility Room and Adding Hardwoods

This is the last Cottage update Pre-Disaster Flooding (THERE’S a tease for the next post!).

The Utility Room at the Cottage just felt gross. And dank. And Dirty. Which, you know, is a great way to feel when you are doing laundry.

Utility Room Floor Cottage02 Utility Room Floor Cottage03 Utility Room Floor Cottage01

This room isn’t really an interior space. It’s more of a “closed-off long ago creative expansion of the house.” That probably shouldn’t exist…ish.

I mean, there isn’t even an exterior door. There’s an interior door. With a padlock. And no doorknob. And it doesn’t close. The outside is right through that paneled door. It’s a super classy (and secure!) set up. And it is so dirty and gross.

Utility Room Floor Cottage04

The amount of places in this room that you can see directly to the outside or the ground through cracks was unreal. While we certainly weren’t going to completely overhaul the space or make a laundry room in a rental look like this, we did want to give it a nice little makeover : new paint, seal up and insulate as much as possible, add an exterior door (SHOCKING!), replace the floor, and add a few cute and functional little touches.

I chose a yellow for the walls and ceiling, just to brighten it up and make it a bit more cheery. We added in the washer and dryer – this actually became our laundromat until the laundry room at Martin Place was complete. So, I’ve used it and lived in it – and it functions well, despite the semi-awkward layout. There are plans to build a chase for the electrical wires coming out of the box – we just aren’t there yet.

Utility Room Floor Cottage05

For the floor, we used a peel and stick vinyl that looks pretty seamless and great. It was AMAZING how much this made the space feel clean.

Utility Room Floor Cottage06

A REAL back door! We chose one with a nice window with a lot of light. This is the closest door to the driveway, so really it’ll be the main entrance to the house. So it’s secure, air-tight, and it fits the cottage style of this little victorian.

Utility Room Floor Cottage07

OUTSIDE this door, however, we discovered that a gutter/drainage problem had caused a lot of water damage over the year. So, that was a fun problem to fix, but we did it very quickly after discovering it.

Utility Room Floor Cottage11 Utility Room Floor Cottage12

I refinished the cabinet above the washer, and added fun knobs to match the room.

Utility Room Floor Cottage08 Utility Room Floor Cottage09

This built-in in the dining room is actually an old doorway that was closed off going into the utility room. My suspicions are that this was maybe the original back door of the house.


In the utility room, the backside of this boarded-up doorway looked awkward. So I decided it needed to be a giant chalkboard. Since this is right outside the kitchen, I figure it’s a great space for grocery lists, calendars, etc. Easy way to make an eyesore functional (and fun!). Lots of coats of chalkboard paint and some trim made it happened really quickly.

Utility Room Floor Cottage10 Utility Room Floor Cottage13 Utility Room Floor Cottage14 Utility Room Floor Cottage15

The floors in the house weren’t salvageable, so we chose a hardwood with a dark stain to put throughout the house – except the utility room and bathroom.

Utility Room Floor Cottage16 Utility Room Floor Cottage17

We started in the kitchen, and there was going to be a bit of unevenness going into the dining room, so we decided to even out the floors as much as possible, but treat the kitchen as a separate space – with a transition in-between the two rooms to handle the uneven step.

Utility Room Floor Cottage19

I wanted the two floors to look like we MEANT them to be separate, so we decided to put the kitchen flooring on an angle. It was a LOT of work and measurements, but it came out really cool.

Utility Room Floor Cottage20 Utility Room Floor Cottage21

Measuring this piece by the fridge nook was insane. But of course, Doug is a mastermind, and it was perfection.

Utility Room Floor Cottage22

I mean, look at this. Between Doug and our friend Brian, the cuts were meticulous.

Utility Room Floor Cottage23 Utility Room Floor Cottage24 Utility Room Floor Cottage25

This was – by far – the hardest spot in the room.

Utility Room Floor Cottage26 Utility Room Floor Cottage27

I handled angled cuts. But nothing insane like Doug and Brian. But I was still proud. Also, those are my favorite pair of safety glasses. And currently, they are missing. So now I’m sad.

Utility Room Floor Cottage28 Utility Room Floor Cottage29 Utility Room Floor Cottage30

Here are the floors! They are beautiful. And well worth the effort to put them on the angle. I can’t wait to get them throughout the rest of the house!

Utility Room Floor Cottage31 Utility Room Floor Cottage32 Utility Room Floor Cottage33 Utility Room Floor Cottage34 Utility Room Floor Cottage35


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  1. LOVE the floors! Specifically, I love the way you laid the flooring! Really adds character!

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