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I hate gardening. It’s just a fact. I’ve tried to analyze why, and I think it’s really a two-fold issue. Number one, I never seem to be strong enough to rip out weeds. Number two, it’s never done. When you finish a bathroom, you can stand back and say, “Done.” When you finish a garden, you stand back and say, “Done. Until next week. Then I have to maintain.”

That’s the part I think I don’t like.

Here’s the “Before.”

Garden for Blog02 Garden for Blog03 Garden for Blog04

Also, almost every house we’ve moved into has been neglected, so the yards are always a jungled mess. Don’t get me wrong – I love walking through gardens, I love looking at them. I just really want someone else to be in charge of them.

Meet Veronica.

Garden for Blog20

Veronica is a Taurus who loves gardening and taking control of any situation. (You’ve met her in some previous posts – she and Edgar have worked enough on this house that their names should really be on the mortgage). Veronica’s mother also loves gardening, and knowing full well how I hate to garden, this showed up in my email, along with specific instructions on what I needed to buy and do :

Garden for Blog01

Veronica started the plants from little seedlings, and when they all grew up and got bigger and needed to flee the nest, we had to put them in the ground. I also supplemented some things from my school’s FFA greenhouse, and Doug bought me a couple of rosebushes.

I love the FFA Greenhouse. It’s lovely and warm and full of pretty things.

Garden for Blog05

This all seemed like a good start.

Garden for Blog06 Garden for Blog07

This might seem like a bad idea to do this before we do the porch, but the seedlings needed to get in the ground. It might be the most terrible idea ever. But we did it anyway.

First up? Ripping out the weeds, and trying to figure out if there was anything worth saving.

Garden for Blog14 Garden for Blog15 Garden for Blog11

There were a few things worth saving, but not a lot.

Garden for Blog13

We made some fun discoveries on the way, like parts of the old slate roof that someone decided to use as edger. Reader tip : If you find parts of the roof on the ground, go ahead and use it for edging. But, for the love of all things holy, REPAIR THE ROOF. Thanks.

Garden for Blog12

Also, BABY SQUIRRELS!!!!! They are the cutest that ever existed. They hung out with us most of the day.

Garden for Blog08 Garden for Blog09 Garden for Blog10

We had other quality supervisors, as well. Marina and Reese were actually GREAT hanging out on the porch.

Garden for Blog18

Doug bought me rose bushes at Jackson Street, and I was sad to leave them, so he bought me a couple for here. Also, there was a rose bush that was already here, intertwined with weeds and wanting to grow into the concrete front walk. We successfully rescued and moved it!

Garden for Blog16 Garden for Blog17

There are still some things to do – clean up the edging, paint the fence, remove the arbor. But at the end of this day, the four of us were tired, sweaty, and dirty, but the front garden looks infinitely better (and will do even better as the plants grow up more!).

Edgar and Doug –

Garden for Blog34

Veronica and Amy –

Garden for Blog35

I mean, the PORCH doesn’t look better. In fact, it looks even more horrific. But that should (hopefully) be changing in the next month! Porch posts are due to arrive in a couple of weeks! EEK!

Garden for Blog21 Garden for Blog23 Garden for Blog24 Garden for Blog28 Garden for Blog27 Garden for Blog29 Garden for Blog30 Garden for Blog31 Garden for Blog32 Garden for Blog33 Garden for Blog36 Garden for Blog37

Conclusion? Gardening is more fun when you have a crew together and someone gives you orders. Thank You, Veronica! More than words can say, thank you!


  1. The front garden looks lovely! It’s nice to see the house getting the care it deserves. By the way, are the current owners of #2 maintain “my” house as well? I still miss it- and the neighborhood. Cheers, Larry

    1. Larry,
      The grounds of #2 are immaculate. Her passion is her gardens, and they are incredible – that’s partly why I felt so bad about ours being so terrible! Your former house is quite loved!

  2. Beautiful! Be sure to take another picture as they all start to grow and fill out. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Those squirrels!!! Their tiny ears and fluffy tails! Ahh!

    The garden looks great! I especially love the flowers around the tree. It looks like it’s wearing a pretty little necklace 🙂

    1. I never thought about it as a necklace before, and now I never WON’T think of it that way. That’s perfect! Also, the squirrels kill me every time. They are precious.

      1. As a garden person, you did a great job! However, it is safer to leave the base of the tree trunk uncovered as mulching the root crown can hold moisture too well too close to the trunk and often lead to rot issues, and you’ve had enough of those with this house! We usually recommed a 2-4 inch clear area around the base of the trunk before you start to mulch (or plant) to help avoid disease issues (sorry I do this all day and couldn’t keep my mouth shut). Necklace effect is pretty though! You just don’t want it to endanger the tree. (End pedant)

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