“You Killed All My Friends,” says the Bird

This is Ceiling Fan Bird. He enjoys sunlight from the balcony, being tacky, not being used, and dangling from a not-attractive ceiling fan.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 107

He also has LOTS of friends. Besides all the creatures we COULDN’T see on the wallpaper layer underneath, there are :

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. And their clones…..

Balcony Bedroom Blog 101


There is “Escape from the Border” Bird….

Balcony Bedroom Blog 105


and “Kissing on the Plaster” Bird Couple. There is much discussion if the birds were placed to enhance the crack in the wall, or if the crack happened perfectly after the fact. Please discuss.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 106

PLUS, there were all the birds in the border. Easily over 100 birds. Someone took a LOT of time, and a really sharp Exacto knife, to cut all of the birds out of the border to highlight them. I mean, A LOT of time. I very much marvel at their craftsmanship – truly.

But this all has to go.

If you remember, one of our next projects is to try and move onto the second floor for the summer, since living in the attic is horrendously hot, even with a portable air conditioner. The mini-makeover plan includes : removing the wallpaper, fixing the plaster on the walls, fixing the water-damaged ceiling, switching out the lighting, and painting the woodwork and the walls. The floor is a hot mess, but it will wait until we do all the floors upstairs at once. And, of course I’ll sew some drapes and add a rug and make it look darling. This is NOT the room that will be our master bedroom, this will be a guest room. But, it’s in the best shape for a mini-makeover. It has an attached bathroom, which I also wanted to do a mini-makeover on, but we’ll see. The Great Wallpaper Fiasco of Aught Fourteen has put that on hold.

Here’s the room. This is one of the few rooms in the house that has painted woodwork, which is sad, but I’m going with it. After all, it’s just a mini-makeover. It’s small – big enough for a bed, two nightstands, and a dresser, but it’s bright and cheer and HAS A BALCONY. And air conditioning, which is really the point.

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Let the murders begin.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 108


Sorry, fellas.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 109

I scored the walls, and since there was a painted layer of wallpaper underneath, it came off in shreds more than anything, and took a lot of time. Eventually, I figured out a pattern of holding the steamer with one hand, and trying to rip off as much of the top two layers with the other hand, and eventually I moved faster than a snail. I am a HUGE proponent of the wallpaper steamer. If there are nooks and crannies you can’t get to, a mixture of hot water and fabric softener in a spray bottle works great, too.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 116

As always, Marina was ready to help. Reese, not so much. She’s shy.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 110

We caused quite the mess.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 115


We also discovered this fun math problem on the plaster! I mean, I’m sure it’s to figure out supplies needed, but you know, it’s wrong.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 114

The great thing is – despite my irrational fear that the wallpaper would be structural and the plaster would come crumbling down when I removed it – the walls are in really good shape. The water damage in the corner is the worst, but it’s not too bad. The ceiling is bad, but the rest of the walls are just minor cracks and holes, which is a HUGE relief. Saving plaster is important to me. And, you know, it’s super heavy to remove. No one needs that.

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I saved this bird until last. Because I’m a horrible, horrible human being. Pardon the quality of the picture – it was late and dark and Doug used my phone to take them.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 119 Balcony Bedroom Blog 120 Balcony Bedroom Blog 121

Done! Finally.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 123 Balcony Bedroom Blog 124 Balcony Bedroom Blog 125

And then, Ceiling Fan Bird was sad, because all of his friends were gone.

Balcony Bedroom Blog 122

So I read him a bedtime story.

All My Friends

You’re next, Ceiling Fan Bird.

The End.


    1. I’m sure you’re right for a normal person! Wallpaper, paint, and lights is pretty easy for what we are used to – I think there would have to be structural work, fixing rotted wood, stripping the woodwork, and refinishing the floors before I would call it a full one. Oh, old, neglected houses. 🙂

    2. Oh, and Susan, I am going Flea Marketing tomorrow to look for some cheap and rough bedside tables to refinish – I’ll keep you posted! I love all of your pieces!

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