Halloween 2014 : I Hate Pumpkins

It’s true. I hate pumpkins. I realize that at this time of year, that’s sacrilege, and there’s probably some sort of ritualistic sacrifice that I’ll have to undergo for this type of heresy.

I don’t like pumpkin pie. Or pumpkin spice. Or pumpkin bread. Or really, even the smell of pumpkin.

I like the color orange. That’s about all I can give. (That’s not true. I can also say I like roasted pumpkin seeds, especially if they are doused in cinnamon and sugar. Fine.)

But I really, REALLY hate carving pumpkins. Like, REALLY. It’s just a lot of mess and effort for something that’s going to collapse and mold in a couple of days.

Every year for as long as I can remember, our friend Lori has hosted a pumpkin carving party. It really is a blast, and we have a lot of fun. The first few years, I tried so hard to fit in. I pretended to like carving pumpkins and got messy and sticky and gross. So, one year I said to Doug, “What would happen if I just sat there and watched everyone else carve? What would happen?” He said “I really don’t think anyone cares.”

And they didn’t. So I went a few years just being a spectator. And really, some of the designs get quite intricate. It’s fun to watch! This year, however, I loaded up a bag with paints and brushes and crafting things. I decided I wanted to just paint and do something different. So, I did. And I had lots of fun. I plopped myself off to the side and started being crafty. (And Edgar took some great pictures, and I stole some of them for this post!)


This was Pumpkin #1. I stole some ideas from online, or from my imagination. This was a little white pumpkin that I used a light coat of silver paint on. I silver-leafed the stem, and then used 3 types of upholstery tacks down the side. I decided this would be a great centerpiece!


Meanwhile, in messy Pumpkinland, Veronica, Edgar, and Lori were all making masterpieces. Really, they do such a great job!

Pumpkins02 Pumpkins03 Pumpkins04

Pumpkin #2 took on a vibe of “The Raven.” (Sidenote – when I was in 6th grade, we all had to memorize a poem. I chose “The Raven.” My teacher tried desperately to get me to only memorize a few stanzas since it was so long. WHATEVER. I did the whole thing. Like a champ.)

This guy was painted, and then I used florist moss for the nest, and a crow form the dollar store for the top.


One of the ladies at the party said, “These are like everything I pin on Pinterest that I’m never actually going to do.” I’ll take that compliment!


Pumpkins05 Pumpkins06

Pumpkin #3. Black and Silver spray paint, with a sequined fly on top. No clue why I made this. But it’s sparkly and fantastic.


Doug started work on his Grim Reaper pumpkin!

Pumpkins10 Pumpkins11

And everyone finished carving their pumpkins. And they were AMAZING. I mean, really. So great.

Pumpkins12 Pumpkins13 Pumpkins14 Pumpkins15 Pumpkins16 Pumpkins17 Pumpkins18 Pumpkins19 Pumpkins20

I liked mine. They are a fun little triptych.

Pumpkins22 Pumpkins23 Pumpkins24

Where’s Doug’s pumpkin? He’s, you know, still working on it. Alone. After everyone else has finished. EVERY. YEAR. So detail-oriented, that one. And slow. Our friend Scott is usually the slowest. But he wasn’t there this evening.


Finally! And, it’s pretty awesome.


Until 72 hours had passed and it looked like this. THIS IS WHY I HATE CARVING PUMPKINS.


Oh, well.

Here are the 2014 Family Pumpkins!


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