2014 Halloween : Skeleton Invasion

When we found out that Halloween was such a huge deal on our street, we thought about what we were going to do to decorate. I mean, it HAD to be good. We brainstormed a lot, and then I drove by the answer. I was visiting New Philadelphia, Ohio, which is where I first taught, and went back “home” to spend time with some of the people I love there. I drove past a house, and stopped the car, took a picture, and called Doug. “Halloween planning is done,” I said. “Wait until you see.”

This was the house I drove by.

newphila skeletons

The skeletons. Peeking in the windows. Crawling all over the house. It’s just perfect. Also of note, New Philadelphia is where I first fell in love with old houses. They have some gorgeous ones, as you see here!

I’m not as big of a fan of the fake graveyard, and as our yard is so small, it doesn’t really work, anyway. We wanted to start the skeletons this year, but you have to get nice ones, and they are pretty pricey, so we started with just three, with plans to increase as the years go by.

Poor thing showed up in a box like this. That had to hurt.

One Halloween04

I took one out to see how they worked, and just left him at the piano for a few days. He didn’t really get good at the piano (and let’s face it, I’m horrible at the piano, so I can’t really yell at him).

One Halloween01 One Halloween02

But a beautiful sunny warm perfect fall day came around, and he had to go outside.

One Halloween03

The three hung out on the porch while we formulated a plan. They look so happy and ready for tea served with neighborhood gossip. I can’t stand it. So perfect.

One Halloween05 One Halloween06

This one had to have some hip work done. They really are like The Golden Girls.

One Halloween07 One Halloween08

One of these two was really excited about decorating. The other, not so much. I’ll let you guess which is which.

One Halloween09

Doug used fishing line to get them up and secure. So far, almost a week later and through at least one storm, it has held really, REALLY well. Perfectly, actually.

One Halloween10

I used the fishing line around his foot, to move him into place to make him seem as though he was climbing.

Also, I don’t know why I call them all “he.” But I do.

One Halloween11 One Halloween12

Doug started working on a skeleton outside of his office window on the third floor. That was really a one-person job, so I got antsy and bored and made a witch’s broom. I started with a real broom, and some hand-held decorative brooms, tulle, and jute.

One Halloween13

I unwrapped the small decorative brooms….

One Halloween14 One Halloween15 One Halloween16

And laid the pieces over the real broom.

One Halloween17

I used the original wrapping wire, and the jute, to affix the broom together.

One Halloween18 One Halloween19

And it looks like this!

One Halloween20

I tried saying “UP!” but it didn’t work.

Meanwhile, on the third floor, Skeleton #3 was going in quite nicely. It’s funny how large these skeletons are on the ground, and how small they look on the house. WE NEED SO MANY MORE!

One Halloween21

Inside the house, in Doug’s office, this is the view!

One Halloween25

I love how three-dimensional everything is!

One Halloween22 One Halloween23

One Halloween24

At night! We’re still working on the particulars of how to light them. We have 24 hours to make that happen.

One Halloween26

What do you think? Clearly, we need more. But it’s a fun start!

One Halloween27 One Halloween28

If you missed my other Halloween posts, make sure you look at the wreath I made, and my Holiday Heresy of Hating Pumpkins! This is just year one, so I’m still trying to figure this all out!

Other Posts from Halloween 2014 include Cobwebs, and the Completed Halloween Decor!


  1. For lighting I would suggest a few oil lanterns and candles especially any in a jack o’lantern. Would be a nice dim light to help add atmosphere. In the alternative you could pick up a few strands of Halloween lights pretty cheaply. Think of it as practicing for deployment of Christmas lights.

    1. Oh, Deiwert. You’re silly to think I don’t have the ambient lighting figured out – that was the FIRST thing I did! What we’re trying to do is spot light the skeletons so you can see them very clearly at night, without spotting the porch while we sit out to hand out candy. It’s actually more challenging than you might think! And I’m saving the Christmas lights until Christmas. 😉

      1. Too late for this year, but there is a type of paint that absorbs light and then at night it glows in the dark. Perhaps next year the skeletons can be painted with that paint. Let them glow in the dark for the trick or treaters. SCARY!!!! 🙂

  2. Oh I wish I had known you need some Halloween supplies. I have a few gravestones and a fog machine. I’ve been itching to use them for years, but I’ve never had a Halloween party and I’m never at my place for Halloween. I would have gladly loaned you the decorations had I known ahead of time.

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