Halloween 2014 : Cobweb Novice

Happy Halloween! It’s supposed to be cold and awful tonight, so bundle up out there, campers!

This week I was sick, had rehearsals, and needed to finish decorating the house. Stephen came to my rescue, and we got SO much done in between naptime and bedtime for me. Before that, though, I did some silhouettes in the window that turned out fun.

Silhouette – turns out, I am horrible at spelling that word. Today, I am thankful for auto correct.

Also, I am CONVINCED that the skeleton in the window is immersed in some sort of really great dance party, filled will fantastic house music.

One Halloween29

I wanted a candelabra of candles on the porch, but couldn’t find one cheap. I went to Goodwill, and bought glass candle holders for a dollar, and spray painted them with two types of silver spray paint. I thought this would be a throw-away project that was just OK, but in the end, they really look like mercury glass. It’s pretty fantastic. It’s also probably null and void, since it’s supposed to be windy tonight. Alas.

Two Halloween01 Two Halloween02

Stephen came over, and I climbed on the roof and hung up bats. A few have flown away, and I want a million more – and I want them to be more three-dimensional.

Two Halloween04

Basically, I’ve decided I like everything I’ve done this year, I just want it to be BIGGER and BIGGER.

Two Halloween05

My ride.

Two Halloween03

There’s Stephen. My house is tall.

Two Halloween06

Next, we used branches to make a tree-like display on the porch.

Two Halloween07

And then we started hanging cobwebs. Seriously. I don’t understand how people are good at this. It was like getting a ball of saran wrap untangled.

Two Halloween08


Two Halloween09

Once we worked it out, it looked OK. I mean, I’d give us a B-.

Two Halloween10 Two Halloween11

I bought this pumpkin primarily because it looks like a brain. I love it.

Two Halloween12

We covered the branches with cobwebs and owls and crows!

Two Halloween18

Two Halloween20 Two Halloween27

And hung a spider from the tree. He’s not very realistic. But it’s OK.

Two Halloween16

I think my FAVORITE find might be the black glittered skeleton. Especially in the sunlight – he sparkles so nicely!

Two Halloween19 Two Halloween21

I replaced all of the lightbulbs in the chandeliers with flame-like bulbs. They look pretty great, even if they barely give off any light.

Two Halloween23

At night! I’m excited to have lots of kiddos come over tonight!

Two Halloween24

Here are a few more pictures of the NEARLY finished project. I have some things I am putting out tonight that I didn’t want to leave out all week. So I’ll do at least one wrap-up post soon!

Two Halloween25 Two Halloween22 Two Halloween26 Two Halloween28 Two Halloween29

And the candy. We would expect to have well over 1,000 through tonight, but with the weather, it might be less. We will see! Some on over to Martin Place for Halloween!!!

Two Halloween30

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