2014 Halloween Wrap Up

From the decorating side of things, I am going to call Halloween 2014 a success. But it was cold and rainy and snowy and GROSS, so we only had about 500-600 kids instead of our normal 1,000+. Oh, well. So, we have a lot of extra candy, but it was still a fun night, with a semi-impromptu porch party filled with a great group of friends, soups and bread and cheese, warm mulled cider, and lots of children dressed as parkas for Halloween coming to our door.

I put the last of the Halloween decor out on the night of, since it was breakable and I thought it might walk away. Since I was going for sort of a “potions” vibe, I found these great labels (Martha Stewart) and the bottles at goodwill.

For the Skele-tonic, I mixed up powdered laundry detergent, water, and milk.

For the Bottled Blood, I used Black Cherry Kool-Aid.

The Bat Wing Elixir was Balsamic VInegar and Soy Sauce.

And the plastic eye balls were encased in lime jello. The eyeballs floated, so I put another heavier glass on top of them until the jello set. I should’ve taken a picture, but I FAIL AT BLOGGING.

Final Halloween01

On the porch they went.

Final Halloween02

I really REALLY wanted to light all the candles, but it was just way too crazy windy. And the dollar store skull looks fancy under a cloche. But seriously, what DOESN’T look fancy under a cloche?

Final Halloween03 Final Halloween04 Final Halloween05 Final Halloween06

When I have the DREAM set-up for Halloween, I want to make the front parlor where the kids go for candy, and REALLY have a whole apothecary set-up in there, complete with dry ice. SCIENCE!

Final Halloween07

But for now, this little station is adorable.

Final Halloween08

Another Dollar Store find was this picture that morphs a couple into zombies. This is something I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to make myself, but I don’t know if it’s possible. Anyone? If I could switch out all the art in the Entrance Hall and Front Parlor with things like this, I would be in heaven. Or Zombie-land.

Final Halloween09 Final Halloween10

My neighbor thought he found a dead bird in his yard. But it was just one of these that blew away. Happy Halloween!

Final Halloween11

I put out a few more things, and we were pretty much ready to go. Luckily, so was the soup.

Final Halloween12 Final Halloween13 Final Halloween14 Final Halloween15

But the apothecary station was my favorite.  So was the woman who yelled, “Look, y’all! Look at them dead bones on that house!” It was precious.

Final Halloween16 Final Halloween17

It was rainy and gross, so the night was pretty slow. We didn’t count, but it was probably just around 500-600 kiddos.

Final Halloween18

Shockingly, there were about 10 times the number of TMNT that showed up compared to Elsas. Was NOT expecting that one.

Final Halloween19

Bowl-zilla can handle about 10 pounds of candy at once!

Final Halloween20

Jen and I took turns passing out candy, and being judgmental regarding the various levels of effort in the “High School Costume” category.  The favorite : A kid who, when asked about his non-costume, said he was a sociopath : “We look like everyone else.”

Final Halloween22

Street scenes! It look so sparse. Picture taking was awful, because it was raining and snowing when it was light enough for pictures, and dark when it was dry and people finally came out. PULL IT TOGETHER, MOTHER NATURE. It’s probably Elsa’s fault.

Final Halloween21 Final Halloween23 Final Halloween24 Final Halloween25

And our winner for favorite costume! This lovely little lady’s robot was FANTASTIC. Also fantastic was her inability to get down the steps, so she just jumped each step with both feet. It was awesome. I wish I had gotten video. WELL DONE, YOU!

Final Halloween26 Final Halloween27

So, the first Halloween with decorations was fun. I can’t wait until next year!

Two Halloween15

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  1. Amy, I have absolutely loved your posts about Halloween! Your house certainly was decorated. I love how you guys get into the holiday spirit! Sure hope the weather corporates better for next year.


  2. Hello, I was really fascinated with your post and pix. Glad you had fun and your house looks really nice. Wish we knew more about you and your decorations. Oh and really glad you included our home In your article.

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