Extending the Crown

Where were we? We installed wallpaper, and I love it more every day!

In the Study, there was already a crown moulding installed, that I painted black. I painted about 4-6 inches onto the ceiling, to make it wider, and then added what I’m calling a “crown moulding extension.”

Just flat, embossed mouldings, that I wanted to put on the ceiling to frame it, and to make the appearance of a wider, more intricate crown moulding (for SO CHEAP!).

But, knowing that MORE IS MORE, I wanted to highlight the pattern of the moulding with gold leaf paint.

Totally the right choice. Especially, because 11 feet in the air, the pattern would be totally lost otherwise.

And, this was surprisingly SUPER easy. Check out how I did it :

I love this!

Installation time! The bends in the moulding are from spray painting it black outside when it was like 165 degrees. It melted a little, and I had to work to get it this flat. It ended up okay!

I know I said I was doing this room by myself (and I mostly am), but I commandeered Doug for this one – the pieces were too long to manage on my own. He made spacer blocks, to easily measure and place each extension piece so they were uniform around the room!

First piece up!

I may have done a little gig. It’s SO GREAT!

So simple, and so impactful. I want to do this everywhere.

I love how it looks with the wallpaper. It also amazed me how small it looked – I am constantly surprised by how small things look on 11′ ceilings. I don’t know why it surprises me, but I could’ve gotten moulding twice as wide, and it would have been fine. But also way more expensive, so that’s totally okay.

Crown Extension on top, black painted ceiling, and “original” crown. Original to the space when we bought it, but not original to 1902.

Just a little pin nailer to get it up there!

Bonny is not afraid of ANYTHING. She will snuggle with all the power tools. And please, notice that she’s using an extension cord as a bed. She does this frequently, and it’s so weird. She completely belongs with us. 

Inside the closet.

I love the weird angles of this room, and I LOVE how this moulding makes them even more weird.

Done! Next up, losing the ceiling fan! This project was SO easy and added so much impact. It’s one of my favorite ideas that I hope to do again.



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