My Favorite Part. Always.

I think, forever and always, my favorite part of any room is when we finally install the light fixture. It’s like have the best accessory on your outfit, or wearing a tiara when you’re playing dress up as a little kid. I have no idea why it’s my favorite – but it is.

What was in the Study when we bought the house? A ceiling fan.

When we bought the house, all of the original fixtures had been removed, and most of them were like the ceiling fan – practical, but not beautiful. And with 11″ ceilings, the house was begging for drama. If light fixtures were shoes, the house was filled with thick-soled rubber orthopedic shoes – but she really wanted some stilettos. With some gel-cushion inserts, of course, because one MUST be practical.

Walking around the house when we first bought it, Doug said quite a few times, in regards to the light in the Library, “I really like that light.”

It’s not original, and not crazy old (that I can tell), but it is fun. I did, however, think it was too small for the room it was in. So the combination of Doug really liking this light, AND the Study being smaller – it was a no brainer.

First job : the medallion!

I was limited on choices here, because I needed one with a 10″ opening, because the canopy of the light is 10″ – much bigger than a usual light. But I found this one, and loved it. And painted it the wall color.

Next, I added black.

Gold leaf paint came next.

And then, silver leaf.

Finally, copper leaf!

This might be my favorite medallion yet. Could I get a job just designing bathroom floors and painting ceiling medallions? Is that a thing? I seriously get so much joy from this.

I tried to take a picture at each stage so it would all line up, and it didn’t work perfectly, but maybe if you really squint your eyes, or down a lot of tequila, it’ll look like I lined everything up well.

I remember saying to someone that the color scheme for this room seemed boring, but I promise, the room won’t be boring. Hopefully, I succeeded. I’m actually really jealous that all of this opulence is in Doug’s Study. I cannot WAIT to do my studio.

Bye Bye, ceiling fan!

Reporting for duty!

I added a little bit of black and silver to the light, to help it tie into the room some more. It was already painted, so I didn’t think I was committing high crimes a treason – maybe more like jaywalking, if this is an old piece. But I don’t think it is.

It’s amazing how big it looked on the ground, and how small it looks on the ceiling.

Audrey Griswold : “It’s pretty, even if it’s not lit.”

Squeeeeee! I love it so much.

Someone asked me about the bulbs, and they aren’t anything special. I should get some LED Edison bulbs, but I’m not there yet. You know those super cheesy vanities from the 1980s that had bulbs going around the side, like a theatre dressing room? These are clear versions of those bulbs, and I think they work well in a fixture like this. 

I think it’s the first one where the ceiling medallion just looks like it’s part of the light, and I love that.

This was a pretty picture, until you see all the dust / sawdust above the doorway on the right. Sigh. Just being authentic!

I’m super happy with it. It really is my favorite part of any room – especially this one.



  1. When I first saw the wallpaper, I thought ummmm, don’t know about that, but Amy will pull it off fabulously and you certainly did. Beautiful room you guys! When you get your job hand painting light fixtures and designing bathroom tile, call me. I want to be your assistant!

  2. Spectacular! And that fixture looks to be from around 1915-1925. So not original to your house but still pretty interesting!

    1. Great job, the color placement is markedly well done. The medallion and light fixture are perfect for this rooms colorway.

  3. Love, love, love following your restoration and I too, adore your ceiling medallions! Is it unusual that a medallion would not be symmetrical? I noticed the 2 black roses are in the bouquets next to each other rather than across from each other?

  4. That looks like a 20s/30s era light, so it’s old and interesting enough to be a good choice in my book!

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