A Little Dining Room Makeover (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 (the drapes) you can find it here!

Let’s check in with the Dining room back in 2012, when we bought the house. It really was the best room in the house, and showed us the potential that the house had when it wasn’t being destroyed by water. It had the least amount of damage of any room, and the lincrusta was perfection (as was the painted wallpaper on the ceiling).

Up until now, the only things I accomplished in years past were:

1) Painting a ceiling medallion

2) Switching out the chandelier for something a bit more period correct

3) And painting the plum, because the room just needed more color. This color is fun, because in certain light it looks more burgundy/plum, and other times it looks more purple!

Oh, and polishing the silver and buying some furniture when we stumbled onto it!

I wanted a big mirror for the long wall over the buffet, and after thinking I would end up spending a ton of money (that I didn’t have) for one, I found this one (with some slight frame damage) for $65 at a local antique store. The size was PERFECT.

The swirls play nicely with the anaglypta!

And also with the top of the buffet.

We took an Upholstery Class a couple of years ago, and reupholstered a head chair for the dining room. So I finally got around to doing the second chair!

In progress…


Mine isn’t nearly as good as the one we did in class, but it gets the job done!

I love this fabric on the back and arms of the chairs.

And apparently, I overbought by a couple of yards – enough that I decided to sew a table runner!

There’s a seam in the middle to make it long enough since I was just using leftover fabric, but the pattern is busy enough that you can’t really see it if you aren’t looking close enough!

Lastly, I hung some things on the wall. First, the artwork that was made from my wedding bouquet.

We had planned to put electric sconces here, but I had these heavy brass candle sconces, and they really fit the part well. The bottom piece of art is from a local antique store – $6 each. The top frame (which I love) I found at Goodwill for $2 each, and used scrapbook paper to replace the art that was in it.

And last – I set the table! We had a photo shoot here last week (more on that later!) so we decked everything out. And then, of course, had a dinner party that evening so we wouldn’t waste the pretty table!

Flowers are by the talented Nicole at The Marshmallow Monkey!


It really looks finished now!

I am ready for ALL THE DINNER PARTIES with all the courses. Bring it on.




  1. Beautiful!! In your first post when I saw the striped fabric i was doubtful, but then i saw that from the other side of the room the stripes colors really blend together and we can find all the shades of plum, blue from the lincrusta, and wow, that really pops!! Such an inviting room! Your parties will be even greater now!! congrats!

  2. That really looks sharp! The patterned fabric on the backs of the chairs with solid color on the fronts is a cool touch. It reminds me of a traditional blazer jacket with a surprise wild patterned lining. Such a fun little touch!

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