The Study

The house is going to be featured in a local magazine, and as I was getting the finished rooms ready for the photo shoot (and took some pictures), I realized that I never did a “WE’RE DONE!” post on the Study. That’s just an indication of how insane this school year was – that I could finish a room, and not actually post about it. So here we go!

Here’s the before. Actually, when we moved in, there was carpet, but this is still a good before shot!

And “After.” Operation “Classy Purdue Room” is complete.

Doug hasn’t moved down here yet, but that should happen this year. When we started this project, the job where he was working had work from home hours, but he has a new job now that doesn’t. This will still be his work area (because he needs one, and he will work from home occasionally), but this desk will eventually have a computer – and the promise of a grateful nation that it stays clean!

Honestly, I’m pretty sure that the only way to clean his tiny office on the third floor, was just to build him a new office. Or heavy explosives, but the roof isn’t even 7 years old, so……

When we did the bathroom downstairs, I knew that the Study would be Purdue colors. So taking the Black and Gold to Gray and Yellow for the bathroom means that it still has it’s own theme, but it really works well together when the door is open.

How much pattern can we put together in one shot? It makes me so happy.

We stole the light from the Library where it was a little undersized, and this might be my favorite ceiling medallion I’ve ever painted.

It’s perfect in here. Sometime, I’m going to find a job that is “Ceiling Medallion Painter and Hexagon Floor Tile Designer and Crazy Pattern Coordinator” and it’ll be amazing.

This fun corner has some special things – like his running medals and some college things, but also has storage.

Old Phones are sculpture. True Story.

The bank from a PO box in Chicago from a building built in 1902 that I found!

Also sculpture? Old Typewriters.

This room opens into the Butler’s Pantry. So you can work and have snacks!

There are so many doors in this room, that it feels wood paneled. And there’s still a door out of frame here! The door on the right is the closet door, and the closet even got it’s own little makeover.

“Closet in a Closet” got new shelves!

And we’re going to build  a shelf at some point for the printer to go on top of this lonely file cabinet. I know – that means we’re not quite done. And we’re going to do a new light in the closet, as well! But 95% done is close enough for a post, right?

The Window Drapes I sewed, and the Chair I upholstered. I still love the asymmetrical drapes – and I wonder if I’ll use this style elsewhere in the house at some point.

It’s dramatic and fun, but most of all, useful. It’s really a lovely room, and I can’t wait to get started on my own space – sometime in the next couple of years, I hope!






  1. Perfection! You have such a talent for this. I’d have a hard time letting hubby move in..

  2. Yay! I was wondering if you would do a ‘final reveal’ of this room, but didn’t want to bother you in the comments. This room turned out beautifully. The colors and fabrics really work well, and that bathroom is simply stunning.

    I believe you mentioned the bathroom was a later addition, since it throws off the proportions of the room. And perhaps your current kitchen and laundry room were also later additions. Does that mean your study (in its original proportions) and current butler’s pantry were the original kitchen and breakfast rooms? Is your ‘closet-in-a-closet’ original? A pantry maybe?

  3. Love your work! I’ve been reading your blog frequently during our own resto-mod project in Texas (our house is an 1895 Victorian) and your work, comments and pragmatic attitude has been a wonderful departure from the trenches of this large, but SO WORTH IT renovation journey.

    Thanks again for your musings.

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