Floor Installation

Clearly, the most fascinating part of the floors is the creation of the borders in the Parlor, and the repairs in the Entrance Hall. And while that’s the most intricate, it’s definitely not the biggest area that Virtuoso Hardwoods covered. We like to say there’s one fancy room and two boring rooms of new floors!

The Downstairs has 5 rooms with wood floors. The Entrance Hall and Dining Room retained their original flooring, and the Parlor, Library, and Study were all replaced.  (Everything else on the first floor – Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry, Laundry Room, and Bathroom – all has marble floors).

To try and match the original floors, new material was made in the same species and dimensions, to be installed the same way – quartersawn white oak flooring, 2″ and facenailed.

Since we don’t know what the original Parlor looked like, once we imagined a border in it, I also decided I wanted the inside of the border to be installed at an angle. I REALLY love this look, and am not convinced I will ever put furniture in here so it can always be seen.

Around the fireplace in the parlor (and also in the Library) they framed the hearth. The border died into the hearth, mainly because the border also dies into the stairwell in the Entrance Hall, and we wanted to be consistent.

Channel for the hearth framing.

Hearth Framing.

The Library and Study? Those just get to be boring, straight flooring. BUT OH SO PRETTY.

You can see the pencil lines that indicate where the facenailing goes. Those will get sanded out.

A new transition between the new Library Floors and the Original Dining Room Floors was added, with some strips of Mahogany to accent it. These strips become a little harder to see when it’s oiled, but I love that they are there!

Each floor supply vent was framed, as well. Which is such a lovely touch!

Here’s the flooring going into the Study. ALMOST DONE!

The Yet-To-Be-Tiled Hearth in the Libary also was framed in.


Mahogany and White Quartersawn Oak. Such a lovely combination!

Next Up : Sanding!!!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous… I can’t wait to see the finished product. I have some serious floor envy right now!

  2. That is all looking really great (and a ton of work)! I think the patterns and style you’ve selected will complement the existing flooring really well and flow naturally from room to room.

    I have not actually seen 2″ wide strip floor face-nailed before. The houses I’ve worked on with wood strip flooring have always been blind-nailed through the tongue, both for 3/4″ thick and 3/8″ thick flooring. Was face-nailing a regional thing?

    1. You know, I’m not sure. I know that’s how the Entrance Hall and Dining Room were done, so we matched that. I’ll see if I can find out! Now I’m curious.

    2. This type of flooring is square edge face nailed flooring that’s only 5/16″ thick, no tongue and groove to blind nail.

  3. I bought that little fireplace that you put into the parlor. I think you will love it. Those men putting in the flooring must be family by now. Have they claimed their own bedrooms? You two are amazing. Thanks so much for keeping us informed.

  4. I am so impressed with this man. He is an artist in wood. Thank you for sharing this restoration. My dream is unfolding thru you.Keep sharing.

  5. Great work, everything is high quality and professional. Thank you for sharing. I have been working in flooring for 20 years, but such reports always delight my soul.


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