Vanity Glow-Up

So, the walls and trim are painted, so I moved to the Vanity Area for the Zero-Dollar Bathroom Makeover!

Here’s the thing with this vanity – it’s SHORT. I’m only 5’6″, and even I have to bend down really far to use it. I contemplated trying to raise it up, but I kept trying to keep in mind that I didn’t want to get into anything that would make this makeover bigger than it is. If we had pulled it off the wall, SOMETHING alien would have come out and we would have to dynamite the whole place. So, it stays.

Remember this bathroom that we did on Jackson Street? I’m using two leftovers from it on this project. The first, I’m using the blue from the tub on the vanity. And the second, I’m using leftover marble from the curb of the shower to make a shelf! I loved this bathroom.




I painted the top square of the vanity first, because I wanted to add some moulding to it to jazz it up a bit. I painted it gold. The gold leaf paint makes a few appearances in this room. Doug jumped in for the moulding, because making things mathematically perfect is part of his charm. I would have made it look okay. He makes it look like it was born that way.

Hey, now that the moulding is gilded the gold faucet looks better. Right? (I’m pretending it does.)

Perfect. This room is DONE! (kidding)

So here’s the thing. Sometimes I feel bad when I destroy what previous homeowners here have done, because they TOOK SO MUCH TIME. I don’t feel bad for the things that were done halfway or wrong. But they hand-painted this door and EXACTO-KNIVED FLOWERS AND BUTTERFLIES FROM THE WALLPAPER to tie it into the room. You can’t argue with the attention to detail. But it’s going. RIP Butterfly.

My flower and butterfly killer of choice.

It actually took a while to get this off. This was a stellar application job.

But it’s off! And the vanity is painted.

As promised, the gold leaf paint is a star of this room. I’m so glad I had enough in my stash. I painted the toilet paper holder!

It’s like a gold rush in here!

Here’s the leftover marble from the Jackson Street Shower.

It’s a piece of windowsill marble – which is actually going to make another appearance in this house in the library. STAY TUNED. I figured this would be a great way to class up the bathroom. And, it’s going to be a good-sized shelf. Practical, and easy to put in this bathroom or another down the road. I’m excited about it enough to take a selfie with it!

These were the only brackets I found in the house that would work. I had another pair that have OCTOPI on them, but they were too big. I was sad for a week. But these are fine!

We cut the angled edge off the marble.

And installed it over the sink with lots of support.


Besides being practical, this also makes the visual space of the vanity a little taller. It’s not – if I wash my face, I still feel like I need to visit the chiropractor. But, when you look at it in the room, the scale is MUCH better.

Other things? I hung this stained glass piece that was in the master closet at Jackson Street. It’s not old, but fun!

And I hung this mirror that I got at a flea market years and years ago, but have never hung up. It’s old, and I had to silver leaf some bad spots on it. BUT, there will other mirrors that are really shiny and pretty in the room, so even though this one makes you look cloudy and a bit like an ogre with spots, it’s okay because it’s JUST SO DANG CHARMING.

So glam.

Not bad for zero bucks. And more to come!


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