Drum Roll, Please……

They are done. And they are perfect.

Virtuoso Hardwoods did a completely breathtaking job on the floors. They are incredible.

There won’t be a lot of words in this post, because they really make me speechless. I can’t add anything to the pictures, really.

Our neighbors lent us this baby-gate to keep the dogs off the floors (it’s a swing door between the Dining Room and Butler’s Pantry. So, when it was drying, I pushed the swing door open, so we could at least peek in….

This is the most terrible film-making. Ever. I wanted to film the first time I could walk on the floor and see it, and it might make you a little nauseous. But, it’s cute how I can’t focus on anything because I’m so excited, so I’m putting it in the blog post. Also, I say on it that I’ll do another tour when it’s sunny, and I don’t. Oops.

It’s incredible.

Old on the left, new on the right.

The Entrance Hall is all original floors, with some repairs where the rot was.

Entrance Hall Before (Seriously. I COULD NOT find a floor-focused before picture – Apparently all I care about is the Stairwell). This is the best I could do! Happy Christmas in July!



Parlor Before :

And AFTER! All new floors, milled to match the old.

Library Before :

And After. All new floors, milled to match the old.

Study Before :

And After. All new floors, milled to match the old.

Dining Room Before :

Dining Room After! Original Floors.

Details Before :

Details After!

We’re just so excited!!!!

It’s going to be a while before we move furniture back down – because it makes sense to keep everything clear while we do the builds for the Library. But, we definitely had a picnic in the Parlor to celebrate!

Dinner was “Easy to Eat on the Floor Mac and Cheese.”

And Dessert was “Cast Iron S’mores Dip.” So good.

Sigh. It is amazing with giant projects are done.

It’s just so lovely. We couldn’t be happier!


  1. So Gorgeous!! I have been reading your blog for awhile and love how much you have done for your home! Also, I have 4 sisters and we all agree that you look like you could be one of us.

  2. Those floors are magnificent!!! So good to know there are such fantastic craftsmanship still around.

  3. Stunning!! So very happy for you! And bravo to Virtuoso Hardwoods for their impeccable craftsmanship.

  4. So beautiful. I’m absolutely head over heels how gorgeous these floors are. A lot of skill and hard work but so worth it. I
    have no words in my vocabulary to express my admiration for you both for your devotion to these grand old homes. If I could just pretend to be a dog for a bit and roll all over those floors- I know it’d be glorious !

  5. Amy, I had to come back and say thank you for introducing me to S’mores Dip. I made some in ramekins tonight and it was delicious!

  6. Wow- what a transformation! I’m so excited for you!! The floors are gorgeous – enjoy !

  7. I think I’d want to leave the floors uncovered for at least a month, too, to enjoy their beauty. Because they are beautiful. I’m happy so much of the original floors survived, and that you found a restoration team that was committed to making the new floors as scrumptious as the old ones. Well done, you. All of you.

  8. Magnifique! Votre travail est exceptionnel. Félicitations!
    J’adore votre blogue.

  9. Beautiful ! Gabe and Everett finished my dinning room floor today. Looks amazing. They will do the parlor and foyer in about two weeks. Thanks so much for giving me their work info !

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