Repurposed Little Details…

Here are some of the little details that went into finishing the bathroom! I promise, I’ll share finished pictures in the next post.

The black bracket went gold with a little bit of gold leafing paint!


Instead of a towel bar for a hand towel, I’m using this hook that I’ve had since we first moved to Indiana in our house in Speedway! I also gold-leafed the metal on this – it was silver.

I re-used the outlet cover for the only outlet in the room, but painted it. Here’s a fun little hack – if you want to get something little “off the ground” to paint, use a styrofoam bowl or plate and some push pins.

This lifts whatever you want to paint off a surface.



Also re-purposed, this stained glass piece that was in the closet at our house on Jackson Street. It’s not old, and it has some gaps, but the colors are fun!

And I repurposed the curtain from the living room at Jackson Street, and used some leftover tassels from the Dining Room drapes to make a curtain.

We hosted a baby shower for our friends Edgar and Veronica last year, and this little elephant was part of the decorations! I loaded it with things that guests might need – band aids, lotion, tooth paste…… a quirky care kit for the medicine cabinet.

Here’s the old mirror from the bathroom. Initially, I was hoping to take it apart and get the old wallpaper out, but that wasn’t going to happen. It was GLUED IN THERE.

So I decided to do the same thing to the mirror that I did to the walls. I didn’t use a lot of the white wallpapers on the walls, so I JUST used these for the mirror.

I cut out the papers and fit them in the frame. Once I laid it out, it was glued in.

Glued in! The gold on the corners is a little rough.

Glued with gross corners!

Gold leaf paint to the rescue – AGAIN.

And hung behind the door, vertically instead of horizontally!

Now for the art! I have a stash of frames that I got at thrift stores, so I decided to fill some of them.

My favorite – I used an app (Photo Lab) and turned Oakley and Bonny into water color, and added crowns on their head. BECAUSE WHY NOT. It’s just whimsical and fun and it makes me smile.

Same app, different filter – I printed a picture of the county courthouse from the early 1900s, and turned it into a charcoal drawing! I really like this one a lot.

The third one was too small for the frame, so I quilted LITTLE baby bits of wallpaper to make a mat for it. And use the app to do a portrait of the house that was super colorful! This picture is a little glare-y.

And last, I used a full wallpaper sample as a mat, and framed this lovely card that Veronica and Edgar gave me for hosting their baby shower. It’s SO PRETTY.

Next up – I’ll show the whole finished space!!!! It’s such a little jewel box.

And yes, I’m thinking about painting the floor……


  1. I love everything you’ve done in your jewel box bathroom. You are talented and clever!

  2. “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” -Orson Welles. Without a pandemic restricting your buying capabilities, I imagine you would have gone in many different directions with your makeover. Instead, you were able to use this challenge to experiment. And, wow, did it turn out crazy cool!

  3. You are so resourceful! I read all your posts and don’t comment much. But I admire your creativity. This bathroom is proof you can make something beautiful out of things you have on hand, if you are clever and creative (and a packrat with the right stuff in storage 🙂

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