Zero Dollar Bathroom Mini-Makeover Reveal!

Okay, here it is! The “finished” zero dollar makeover of the second floor bath. Eventually, this room will be expanded JUST a little bit and be rearranged to allow for a tub in this space as well. and we’ll redo elements of this room then (the FLOOR!), but I’m leaning on keeping / replicating the quilted wallpaper treatment, because I really do love it SO MUCH.

Before – 


Before –

After! The medicine cabinet above the toilet is an heirloom from Doug’s grandmother and grandfather on his mother’s side. This was a feature in this bathroom in the future design I had, so we thought it would be wonderful to add it in now. I love the history and warmth it adds to the room.

The hardware for the cabinet is simple and beautiful.

And the inside is stocked for guests! (When we can have them again.)

Lighting Before –

Lighting after.

Crazy busy wallpaper before –

Crazy busy wallpaper after!

I love the colors. So much.

The marble shelf just classes everything up a TON.

The doorknob towel rack in place.

All the smiles.

Vanity Area Before –

Vanity area after.

The ceramic bowl holding the soaps is from a local fundraiser – the “Souper Bowl” which raises money for Habitat for Humanity. Local artisans make bowls, and we eat soup, and take a bowl home. The colors are AMAZING.

Literally any color towel will look good in here. I love a good “nothing matches so everything matches” space!

The window wall, with the old sink mirror hung next to it.

The re-purposed mirror!

Before –


I really love how wack-a-doo these walls are.

Before –


Am I officially a maximallist? I think maybe I am. And I’m okay with that.



A couple little details – a vintage perfume bottle, and a few shower gels so you can choose what to use when you take a shower (I have so many – I put the prettiest bottles out!)….

A copper container I swiped from the first floor bath, and a glass jar that I’ve maybe had since college. I spray painted the lid gold for this re-use.

I added a plant tp this room. Please, pray for its soul. I don’t have a good track record.

The towel rack, which has trim that matches the vanity trim I added.

This room is a DELIGHT. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it so much!

Now, onto the Library FULL TIME!


  1. I really thought you had gone quarantine coo-coo when you first wrote about this. However once the paper started going up I was mesmerized. It is gorgeous! Good job!

  2. Love it! Thanks for doing a marble shelf; I have some marble pieces lying around, so I am inspired!

  3. Your blog and Restoring Ross are my favorite reads. I love Ross’s blog because he’s saving a jewel of a house in my home town of Emporia, Kansas; yours, because I deeply admire your creativity. I love the energy in this redone bath. Mine bathroom is also purple, and I’ve wanted to do tile — but I might switch to wallpaper instead. I love how this turned out. I have no idea how to tile, but I can glue things. You’re inspiring me.

    1. I love Ross, too! There are so many inspiring bloggers and vloggers out there–SoPo Cottage, Young House Love, DIYfferent, 1806 Stone House, Wild Wonderful Off Grid–and lots of others who are inspiring my own renovation. I’m so grateful Amy and all the others choose to share their journeys with us.

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