Repairing Some Walls

I am once again gloriously behind on blogging, and so for Spring Break, I’m hoping to catch up a little! Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that I’ll every be caught up, like when Doug says, “I think the fourth season of ___insert show here___ is out,” and I say, “Yeah but we haven’t even watched the third, so…..”

The wallpaper for my Studio is amazing. And (if you follow me on instagram) it’s already done! But let’s back up a little, because some things had to happen first to make it so.

Oh, and the sconces. They are also going to be AMAZING.

But NOT amazing, is the walls. It sort of has an “Abandoned Tuscan Villa” vibe going on.

Also, above this corner is the hole in the ceiling where it collapsed from years of water and rain getting in, plus animals.

So this also has to get fixed, but that’s a different post!

This corner is the absolute worst of it. There are some minor places throughout the rest of the room, but this one is the doozy.

I mean, this is like the Grand Canyon. Which I have never been too, but I assume it’s at least this big.

Some of the wall is just flaky. IT’S OKAY WALL. Sometimes, I’m flaky, too.

For this, I just scraped. A lot.

Here’s a little video tour of this corner.

The Patina really is lovely.

We used a joint compound that is rated for plaster to make the repairs. This is cheap work, but is OH SO SLOW. You want to do many thin layers, and not one huge deep layer. And then SAND in between.

Corners are the hardest, because like this pone, they often shift from the wall. This was a VERY close call for us, whether we took the corner out and totally re-built, or tried to repair. In the end, we repaired, knowing that we could always take it out later, and also that if it wasn’t perfect, there’s wallpaper going on top!

Here’s a tour of this “finished” corner!

And the room!!!! And spoiler alert : no one stayed in this room for band camp. THIS IS HOW FAR BEHIND I AM. Band camp was in JULY, people.

Pre-Priming, and a sneak peak at the ceiling repair starting!

Good-bye, raw and reapired walls!


It looks so good with the wood.


Next Up : Electrical additions, ceiling repair, and paint!



  1. No matter how delayed, I appreciate when you post project updates. They’re informative, interesting, and fun. That section of the room, the walls and ceiling, was so daunting. I’m impressed at how you jump in and get it done, in this case the patience to do it in thin layers. That made sense once you said it but can see how much time and effort went into it. It looks great now. So happy for you.

  2. Wow that’s a job and a half. I’m so appreciative that you take us through your process- the good and the bad parts. I follow you on IG too. Great job 👏

  3. One step at a time done right will be so good at the end of the job… the patience you and Doug have is amazing.

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