The Finished Art Corner

Now that the TV frame is done, here is a super quick post to show you the “Art Corner” of the Library! 

When I was planning this space, I knew for sure where the TV and my friend Jenn’s piece would go. I marked those with tape, and then took a picture. While I know everything isn’t on the same plane or angle, I added some white boxes with my phone on an app, to see what the art would look like. In this situation, I was originally planning for Mildred the Giraffe to go to the left of the TV. So while that changed, this was a super easy way to get a visual for how this would look!

Here’s where we ended up! Note that in these pictures, you see the Art TV with a couple different art pieces on it!

When I was researching Victorian Libraries, I found out that Taxidermy was a huge thing. I’m not a fan or animal heads or anything, so I decided to honor this tradition with some taxidermied bugs! I found these on Etsy. 

This typewriter – I love. But I’m keeping my eye out for a red one, because this one will match my new studio SO perfectly! 

Oh, Mildred. How I love you so!

We love having dinner parties, which sometimes turn into game nights. I had the ridiculous idea to have a “house trophy” that could be awarded to anyone, at any time. They don’t get to keep it – it stays in the house. Did you bring the best appetizer? You WIN! Did you travel the farthest? You WIN! Did you murder us at Monopoly? You WIN! I love the fact that on this antique trophy, you have no idea what it’s for, or what that child is doing. The ridiculousness of it makes it PERFECT.

I do love an antique camera!

This is Roy C. and Lola Bryant. They were the second owners of the house, and the most prominent. Roy C. Bryant served as the Mayor of Franklin in 1930-1939, and his grandson told us this was his main study, where he entertained some of Indiana’s most prominent Democratic Politicians. He also owned a lumber company, and as a builder built several important buildings in Franklin. Lola was an integral part of running a local Paint and Pharmacy store, as well. 

I LOVE antique books about the home. How people lived, what they used to cure illnesses, relationship advice…. It’s all fascinating – and sometimes depressing, because you can absolutely see classicism and racism woven throughout them. I own about five of these books, and this one has the most beautiful cover.

This cabinet was a facebook marketplace find, after a huge struggle. This wall is 64” and the standard width for antique credenzas and buffets are 66”. Finding this was such a gift, because it has SO much storage and is drop-dead gorgeous.

Queen Victoria and her Fam are hanging out in the room now.

There it is! The beautiful corner of the Library!


  1. Love your corner. It reflects the way the Victorian people shared their lives, values, and family.
    I love the trophy idea. You could have a Journal or Photo Album to commemorate the occasions. Your trophy will have a story to tell.

  2. I love all the details…you have such a talent for perfecting rooms! I have a very similar buffet, but it’s in horrible condition -once I complete repairs, I am afraid it will need to be painted. Your buffet is beautiful. Did you have to refinish it?

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